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For Sale by:Private Seller
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Item status:In archive   SEE NEW ADS >>>>>   

Seller Description

*NEW 2 PAC PAINT. Not a cheap paint job. Was done by Queensland Custom Cars.
*Torneau cover holes WELDED.
*Cold AC.
*220,000kms with log book.
Drives like new. Not a worn out bomb and very strong Tickford 4.0 motor.
Please Message through eBay.Thanks.

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Item Information

Item ID: 118341
Car location: Boronia Heights, QLD, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 1.05.2019
Views: 363
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PAgINT* jPAINT* PfINT* PAIdT* PAINuT* PAINTw* PAINTr PAIzNT* PAINlT* PpINT* PAINyT* vAINT* PAINTg qPAINT* PAINTu PAINTq PAIyNT* PAIgNT* PAINgT* PAINs* PfAINT* bPAINT* PAINTz* PAqNT* PAINTg* PAINTf PAtINT* PpAINT* PAIgT* PsAINT* PAINvT* PAIINT* PlAINT* kPAINT* PAIfT* PAINTx* PsINT* pPAINT* PAINTt zAINT* PAINv* PAIkT* PAnINT* yPAINT* PAINw* PAiINT* PAItT* iPAINT* PxAINT* yAINT* PAjNT* PgINT* PtAINT* PAINTl* PAINf* PcINT* PAINy* PAIdNT* PAtNT* PAbNT* tAINT* PAIfNT* PAIsT* PAmNT* PAINtT* PAINq* PAINTl cPAINT* PAIaT* qAINT* PoINT* PAINh* PAINTv* PAINTp* PAINoT* PAINTp PgAINT* PAsNT* PAIsNT* PAuINT* PAIlNT* PuAINT* PcAINT* PAINk* PAnNT* PAINTk PAINTh PuINT* PArINT* PwINT* PAINTj wPAINT* PAINTr* PAINt* PAINTa* PAINxT* PzAINT* PAaINT* PAINTz tPAINT* bAINT* PAINTc PAIqT* PAINTd* PAINc* PqAINT* PAIjT* kAINT* fPAINT* PAINj* PAzINT* PAINx* PAIyT* PAIbT* PvAINT* PAINTh* PAINTn PAINTc* PAIwT* PnAINT* PAINbT* PAINTq* PAkINT* PAIzT* PAINTa PAINfT* uPAINT* PAyINT* PxINT* PAINTm PAIrNT* PAINTn* PAINTb PAINm* PaINT* PAhINT* PAIxNT* PAwNT* vPAINT* PPAINT* PAINwT* PAInT* PAxNT* PAINn* PAINaT* PAINTi* PAfINT* PAINl* PAIpT* PAINTv jAINT* PAINdT* lAINT* PyINT* PApNT* nPAINT* PAINhT* PdINT* PAIrT* fAINT* PAoINT* nAINT* PAINz* PjINT* PAINsT* PAIuNT* PAINTs* aPAINT* PAhNT* PwAINT* PlINT* PAINg* mPAINT* PAbINT* PAImT* PAINp* PbAINT* PAINTx PzINT* PAINkT* PAINTk* PAINqT* PkINT* dAINT* PAINpT* PAvNT* PAIuT* PAuNT* PkAINT* gAINT* PAINNT* PAmINT* PdAINT* PAINrT* PAIlT* PAIhT* mAINT* PAINTj* PAyNT* PAINTi PAdINT* cAINT* PAAINT* PAImNT* PAfNT* PAaNT* rPAINT* PAINT** PAIkNT* PAINd* PjAINT* PtINT* PAoNT* PAINzT* PAxINT* PAIxT* zPAINT* PAINiT* PAIiT* PAINTu* PAdNT* PAINTf* PAIcNT* PAINTd PAIvT* PiINT* PAsINT* PArNT* PAINTt* gPAINT* iAINT* PAIjNT* PAIoNT* PaAINT* PAINTy PAlINT* PAjINT* PAIqNT* PbINT* xPAINT* sAINT* PAiNT* PAIbNT* PAINTo* PqINT* PAINcT* PAzNT* PAkNT* xAINT* PAINTw PAcINT* PAIvNT* PAINTb* PoAINT* PAINo* PhINT* PAINTo aAINT* PAItNT* PAgNT* dPAINT* PnINT* hAINT* PAINTm* PAqINT* PAIcT* PAINa* oPAINT* PAINr* wAINT* PAlNT* PrAINT*

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