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1908 Indian Torpedo Tank New

Model:Torpedo Tank
Sub Model (Optional):Replica / tribute bike
Exterior Color:red / patina
Type:Board Track Racer
Vehicle Title:Clear
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Up for auction is our replica of legendary 1908 Indian board track racer motorcycle. This bike was completely hand made. Many parts are designed and made from scratch, which makes this bike is completely unique and amazing looking. Bike runs good and is completely functional.Ttwo stroke 80cc engine has a really good MPG's and is virtually maintenance free. Spare parts to the engine are easily available around the world. Bike has a chain tensioner, clutch with lock, coaster brake, and vintage brazed frame. Bike can be a great decoration of your garage, shop, vintage style restaurant, etc.
Information about 1908 Indian Torpedo Tank for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Torpedo Tank Indian red / patina
We have already sold many bikes and all of our customers are very satisfied with them.
More pictures and videos on our Facebook and Instagram.Search "Marciak Customs".
Shipping in EU about€130-400Shipping to U.S. about $370*
Shipping to Japan about $495
Shipping to Taiwan about $495
Shipping to Australia about $578
Shipping to Saudi Arabia about $495
Shipping to Canada about $370
*With exception of Alaska, Hawaii and the overseas territories of U.S.
We have experience in shipping of bikes to the U.S., Canada, EU and Japan
Shipping agency (DHL and TNT Express) provides fast and safe air transport.

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Item Information

Item ID: 146489
Motorcycle location: Walbrzych, Poland
Last update: 29.01.2020
Views: 50
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1908 Indian Torpedo Tank New
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