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Used 1913 Delage dual cowl Ai Skiff. For Sale

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Seller Description

1913 Delage Ai Skiff. Chassis Number: 4791Engine Number: 6775Registration number 8656PEUnder the current ownership for over a decade now coming to market due to the owner approaching 90 years of age: This delightful car is in impeccable running condition has done less the 1000 miles each year during the last 10 years; Most of these miles being done on summer trips to Brittany by way of the Plymouth Roscoff Ferry. The car is fitted with a light skiff style body by little known coach builder Keith Hill of Brecon. one of the early owners being a southern welsh doctor. There is comfortable seating for two up front plus two in the dickey area behind making it a true four seater. The car abounds with period touches being festooned in brass wherever one looks. Artillery wooden wheels are fitted a spare beaded edge tyre carried on the running board. A full set of period instruments are mounted to the dash including a Delage badged Elliot style speedometer. The car is mechanically superb having been extensively rebuilt by the previous owner. The engine of 2. 3 litres four cylinders starts instantly runs in near silence. ignition being provided by the magneto. The 'box is easy to master with four forward speeds; reverse being fount in front of first as on later Delages. The car shows a surprising turn of speed considering its age cantering along in a relaxed manner at 50MPH 60 being easily attainable. Steering is light the whole experience a vintage driving delight with thumbs up being given by everyone we encountered. The skiff body work is particularly pretty delicate suiting the car very well. There are tonneau covers for the front rear along with an easily assembled hood for inclement motoring. Two wheel brakes to the rear are standard one does well to augment braking by employing the hand brake in tandem with the foot brake for more rigorous stopping powers.

Oil pressure when hot runs at a healthy 30psi. The Boyce motometer temperature gauge mounted atop the radiator never came close to getting hot. The car is booked for a family event later in the summer but may be available prior to that provided the price is at or close to full asking. The car is simply a delight to drive very evocative of Edwardian motoring. An assortment of history comes with the car including a VSCC dating plaque bills for various things that have been attended to over the years. The best bit is just how useable this car is easily eating up 200 mile days not greatly impeding modern traffic. A gallery of large high resolution pictures may be viewed on our web site at http://www. vandp. netBe sure to click the More Pictures button. Office 01442 [hidden information]Richard Biddulph 07967 [hidden information]Adi 07853 [hidden information]Tom 07909 [hidden information]We accept Credit/Debit Cards. Part Exchange welcome. Weekend evening viewings OK. Viewings by appointment in Hemel Hempstead. Watlington Marlow. Call to check vehicle locationAlso published at

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Last update: 29.06.2020
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1913 Delage dual cowl Ai Skiff. For Sale
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