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1913 Indian Hedstrom

Power (Bhp):N/A
For sale by:Private seller
Registration Number:N/A
Product Type:Classic, Collector Bikes
Type:Vintage Road
Featured Refinements:1913 Hedstrom
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Seller Description

For sale 1913 Indian Hedstrom TT special. the frame is a 1913 TT swingarm with a 500cc 1913 engine (E465). I have set out to build a 1913 four valve TT single and due to other commitments its up for sale. The crank case has matching numbers and is un marked with the flywheels matching the engine number. New parts are as follows. Four valve head with all machine work done including valves ,springs , retainers, rockers and push rods. New cylinder. Wheels rebuilt with stainless spokes ,original hubs nickel plated with new cups, bearings and axles. New white tyres and tubes from USA. Complete linkage kit including spirals hand grips ect. new swing arm pin and bush's, new crank pinions and bush's, new big end and small end bush, three new drive pinions for the oil pump ,cam and magneto. new oil pump and hand pump.

New drop bars and goose neck. New rear band brake. New cam cover casting with a template for machining. Other parts include Three speed transmission in excellent complete condition with no damage to case, one spare transmission for parts, schebler carburettor in excellent complete condition, Bosch magneto in excellent condition. cam and cam followers. most of clutch. clutch and brake pedal. Too many other small parts to mention . Lots of parts have been nickel plated. This bike is about 90% complete and comes with Indian red paint supplied This bike is a great project that is rare and I am happy to crate this for international buyers. Thanks for looking and please contact for more information. No Pay Pal Direct transfer or cash on pick up.

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Item Information

Item ID: 138683
Motorcycle location: Eldorado, Australia
Last update: 15.12.2019
Views: 57
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1913 Indian Hedstrom
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