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1920 Indian board track racer New 66L

$ 4400

Model:board track racer
Sub Model (Optional):boardtrack racer
Engine Size (cc):66
Exterior Color:Black
Vehicle Title:Clear
Warranty:1 year parts
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Bull cycles is proud to offer this fantastic custom built tribute bike. Created to pay homage the old board track racing days of Indian Motorcycles. The early board track racers are some of our favorite bikes. They are some of the most simplistic and yet captivating bikes ever built.
Information about 1920 Indian board track racer for sale on this page. See price and photos of the board track racer Indian Black
We just love building these tribute bikes for enthusiasts and collectors alike, the amount of attention they generate continues to amaze us. Sitting next to high dollar custom motorcycle builds in our shop- people always seem gravitate to these bikes. We strive very hard to achieve a very aged distressed look to the bikes that makes everyone do a double take. Put on display these take on the role of a fantastic piece of art. Although it doesn't stop there...
The bike we have here is our rendition of a 1920 Indian power plus "Daytona", Done in a beautiful black, with hand cracked under-base and countless hours of detailed airbrush finishing to achieve that look of a well aged motorbike. Topped of with beautiful hand laid Silver-leaf script. The finish is all sealed, and there is no actual oil or grease. No fuel odors, and it will not leak. Authentic Firestone style tires. Our own custom tig welded fuel tanks made from 1/4" aluminum wont dent, or rust. The bike is fully functional and is powered by a 66cc two stroke motor. The bike runs great and will travel about 30MPH at around 80 MPG. Operation is simple with easy pedal start, and twist throttle. Everything on the bike is steel or aluminum, all tig welded. Max rider weight is shy of 220lbs, our tallest guy in the shop is 6'3 and rides these around all the time. These are not built however to survive the rough life of the original board track racers of the day. Nor are they meant for racing (though we do all the time). These are just fun little powered bikes that are great for the pits, car shows, and neighborhood cruises. Park it outside the local Pub if you're feeling chatty. Just wildly fun affordable toys. Included with the bike is our own beautiful brass reproduction stand. Molded from originals, and cast here in the Midwest exclusively for us, they are great for display.
Bull Cycles is a fully outfitted custom motorcycle shop. Our experience in custom fabrication from sheet metal, machining, welding, painting and design ensures the bike you are receiving is well built. We are a brick and mortar shop, and have been featured in magazines across the globe. Rest assured if there is an issue, there is someone to call. That being said if you plan on riding this bike on a daily basis, maintenance will be necessary. These bikes are fun and require little attention. Some understanding of adjusting chains, mixing fuel, and a few hand tools will be needed. These are not modern fuel injected machines. But again, we are here to help. Most of the board track racers we sell are used as display pieces in small museums, dealerships, private collections etc., but we have sold quite a few to people who just enjoy riding as well. In most states these are considered mopeds, and do not require titles or registration.
I will ship the bike anywhere it can go. Please contact me regarding international shipping before buying. We have experience shipping around the world and have pretty good rates. Some countries are difficult to ship to, so please contact prior to purchasing. For US residents we provide flat rate shipping of $250, crated freight to your door. Payment must be made in full before shipping, and must be completed within 7 days of auction close. Paypal deposit (non refundable) of $300 must be made within 24 hours to secure the bike. I will help any way possible to get the bike to you, just ask.Please check my feedback, I have been an eBay member for 14+ years with 100% feedback

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Item Information

Item ID: 189549
Sale price: $ 4400
Motorcycle location: Batavia, Illinois, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 1.11.2020
Views: 255
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1920 Indian board track racer New 66L
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