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1930 Indian board track racer New

$ 2000

Vehicle Title:Clear
Model:board track racer
Exterior Color:Red
Type:Café Racer
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

PHOTOS MUST BE VIEWED ON PC OR THROUGH EBAY APP FOR BEST QUALITYplease read full description below1912 indian inspired board track racer replica-this bike started life as a 1930s rex bicycle and has been turned into the awesome bike you see here- (this bike does not have a title, it is a bicycle)-it is full scale it has been stretched about 12 inches, it has a wheel base around 55",- 26" wheels overall length is close to 7ft-really cool bike the pictures speak for themselves- this bike has never had fuel in the tank and no attempt has been made to run it,-although everything is there for it to be operable if someone wanted to do this,-so it will be sold as is for display purposes only, no test rides.-stand is included!-this bike must be picked up in conroe tx.-if you are out of state you can use a service such as which i have had no issue with in the past-300 Dollar deposit due within 24 hours of auction end

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Item Information

Item ID: 192512
Sale price: $ 2000
Motorcycle location: Conroe, Texas, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 12.11.2020
Views: 23
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1930 Indian board track racer New
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