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1937 Norton model 50

$ 8900

Item status:In archive

Seller Description

NO RESERVE. About nine years ago I decided I wanted to find a nice, documented pre-war bike that I could ride. With Harleys and Indians being way out of my price range I started looking at British models. I found this bike listed on a San Francisco area Craigslist after seeing this Bonhams Auction ad. The owner in California had purchased it at an auction and imported it to the US. The bike came from a Geeson motorcycle museum in the UK, where two brothers restored British bikes and then put them in the museum. The bike was restored some time in the 1980s and sat in the Museum until both brothers died and all the bikes were auctioned off. You can see the details of that story here as the article is still online.[hidden information].stm Before the bike was sold in the auction it went through the formal British Road test. I not only have the paperwork for that, the formal approval badge is still on the bike too. I also have the original title that tracks owners from 1937 until what appears to be the early 1950. They actually use the same card and pass it to the new owner. Once the California buyer imported the bike he held onto it for a few years, but did not go through the titling process. When he tried to sell it through the Bonhams auction they refused to sell it due to no title. So he was stuck trying to sell it on his own and that is when I bought it.I then went through at least a year of back and forth with the State of Minnesota but I finally got the bike titled in my name. I have owned the bike for at least 8 years. In that time I have had two of the best bike mechanics in the midwest: Rebuild the Amal Carbs, Replace the exhaust push rods, repair some ground down dog ears on the gearbox, addressed all the oil leaks that you could, replaced the amp meter (have the original lucas), replace the fuel petcocks and put a wrench on every bolt on the bike to make sure it was safe to ride. I have receipts for most of this work, Bike starts first or second kick and speedo shows 16,078 miles and honestly I would believe those are original. Bike rides great and is good for 40-45mph. You have to adjust the ignition timing as you ride to get to top speed.

I just put a new battery in it. Headlight bright works but the dim/pilot light does not. I have some replacement bulbs that I believe will work. Tail Light does not work but its not hooked up or connected to the brakes. Cold start video here video during a ride a few years ago This bike has been stored, covered in my basement since I have owned it. See my feedback and bid with confidence. Full payment required prior to bike leaving. Buyer to pay all fees if a service is used. Ask questions if you have them. Buyer responsible for all shipping costs and arrangements. I will gladly make myself available to make sure bike is picked up and loaded safely. Lastly just to set realistic expectations. This is not modern bike nor a beginners bike. Shifting is on right hand side and four up (if memory serves me). As mentioned above you have to adjust the ignition timing as you ride to get the best performance. If the bike sits for a week or two without being ridden (this might be conservative, but I like to make sure) the oil drains into the sump and you need to drain it, then put it back in the oil tank.All Sales Final. Payment must be made in full and in my account prior to bike leaving. Ask questions if you have them. See my other auctions - also selling/listing a beautiful 1972 Triumph Daytona and 1980 Ducati 600 Pantah ALL SALES FINAL NO RETURNS

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Item Information

Item ID: 237585
Sale price: $ 8900
Motorcycle location: Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Last update: 19.10.2021
Views: 32
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1937 Norton model 50
Current customer rating: 1/5 based on 1 customer reviews

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