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1940 Ford Other

$ 18000

1940 Ford Other for Sale
1940 Ford Other for Sale1940 Ford Other for Sale
Vehicle Title:Clear


1940 Ford Standard Coupe off the road since 1957. Clean title. Been sitting in a storage basement next to an oil furnace since 1957. Car is literally 99% rust free because of this, even in the package tray. The ONLY rust is very minimal in one little spot of the rain gutter above passenger door and is not in the body, just the gutter. A few small dents only on the car. A 1957 corvette 283 and 3 speed manual transmission were installed in 1959 to go racing. Has a 49-50 ford rear end. Stock front. Had it running good not too long ago. Has original paint and interior although back then they stripped the black lacquer on the body down to the primer with a razor blade. Car is a standard but has almost all deluxe items on it. Have both bumpers and brackets with deluxe ends. This car could be a driver again in a weeks time. It could also be prepped for the nicest show quality black paint job in a weekend. One of the cleanest 40 ford coupe's you will come across. No hidden bondo, sketchy primer spots of body work, or secret rust areas. Check the sticker on the windshield. Only including the 12 free pictures but can send more pictures outside of ebay to prove how nice it is. 
Located in Tucson, AZ. Call [hidden information] with any questions.
Car is sold as is and buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and arrangements and or pickup. $500 non refundable deposit if purchased through ebay.
Car is also for sale locally.

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Sale price: $ 18000
Car location: Tucson, Arizona, United States
Last update: 10.06.2018
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1940 Ford Other
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