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1940 Harley-davidson Other Used

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Seller Description

Up for sale is this original paint 1940 Harley-Davidson EL Knucklehead. This machine is in amazing original condition with no reproduction parts. The engine cases have matching belly numbers. Its all original OEM HD and features many amazing original accessories like the squashed bird fender emblems front and rear, full chrome package on the rims, bars, headlight, crash bars, dash cover and exhaust along with the cool front hub cap, Comiskey aluminum fender tips and original leather bags and deluxe solo seat. The bike has 41,000 original miles. Check out the original short knurl gas caps, the NOS chrome muffler and the original leather seat and bags. These are some of the hardest original parts to find. The 6" air cleaner is also a real one that has been re-chromed and original tag put back on. The only thing that needed repair to bring the bike back to its full potential was the right tank which about half of that tank was repainted along with the red stripe. All other paint is original factory paint.
This bike has just received a full mechanical restoration and been upgraded with many genuine HD NOS parts. The bike was completely disassembled, cleaned and everything rebuilt, such as the motor, transmission, wheels, speedometer, wiring, front fork, clutch, brakes, cables, basically everything. The NOS parts used were a full chrome exhaust including the muffler, wiring harness, tank emblems, crash bars, fork springs, complete clutch and more. The bike has a little over 100 break in miles since it was completed last year. You just wont find a nicer and more original 1940 Knucklehead that is completely rebuilt using the finest original parts. Keep in mind the last 1940 Knucklehead in this condition sold this past year at Mecum Auction for $220,000 and it didn't even run! This bike is a turn key fully rebuilt rider you could take across the country for significantly less money. This bike is for sale to all buyers worldwide. The shipping arrangements and quotes are the responsibility of the buyer.
Call for all the details. I will not engage in endless emails and texts. If you are seriously interested just call me.Steve at The 74 Shop in NY. [hidden information]
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Item ID: 168366
Motorcycle location: Saugerties, New York, United States
Last update: 9.07.2020
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1940 Harley-davidson Other Used
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