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Used 1940 Willys Gasser Pickup

Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Body Type:Pickup
For Sale by:Private Seller
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Seller Description

1940 Willys Gasser Pickup.
This is the real deal. When did you last see a genuine steel Willys Gasser for sale? In Australia?
Genuine steel Willys pickup with an authentic ,period correct, Cal Automotive gasser flip front.Original Willys chassis boxed with updated crossmembers. Ladder bar/panhard rod rear end. Original axle up front. Disc brakes all round. Tray sheet metal is new , fabricated with original corner stake pockets.
Wheels are period correct authentic magnesium American Racing 15 x 4 and 15 x 10 Torque Thrust items. These wheels are quite rare and very much sought after in the USA.
The car has recently undergone a complete professional mechanical refurbishment. Every single mechanical component has been replaced, rebuilt, or restored. Over 30K in engine receipts alone. The Willys has current Tech Inspection till 2024. Brand new professionally built 6 point rollcage. Brand new RCI 5 point harness. Brand new Simpson chute.
Engine is a professionally built 383 cube SBC, Callies crank, World block, JE pistons, Oliver rods, Jesel belt drive.

Wieand blower, 8mm pulleys, Quickfuel twin 650`s for E85. Dyno`d at mid 700`s hp and mid 600`s ft/lb torque. Dyno sheets are available to view. The package has been put together with maximum fun/ minimum maintenance as a primary aim.
Transmission is a B&M 850hp Powerglide. B&M Holeshot convertor, 2400rpm. T400 output. Brand new B&M Pro stick shifter set up. B&M transcooler.
Diff is Strange yolk and housing, Moser pinion support,full spool, 3.23 ;1. 31 spline Moser axles.
Car is located in Townsville. Will be at Carralbyn 1/8 mile Drags at the end of Feb 2020 to view or own.
The car has not yet made a quarter pass since it has been refurbished and tech inspected. This is a very well set up, very easy to use and maintain car.
Will separate and sell as a roller for $25k ono.
Phone or text Warren [hidden information] for more info/pics/vids .Plenty more info is available. note : Please disregard the postage cost/comments-none of that is valid. Ebay is getting hard to use.

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Item Information

Item ID: 187394
Car location: Annandale, QLD, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 17.10.2020
Views: 272
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1940 Willys Gasser Pickup
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