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1942 INTERNATIONAL K5S FIRE TRUCK suit museum diamond T Mack chev ford texaco

$ 57252

Body Type:Fire Truck
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Dealer
:“This 1942 International K5S Fire Truck is a beautifully restored and fully functional fire truck that has come out of Idaho in the US. The truck was previously part of the Dr Forest Bird collection and was sold to an Australian buyer as a part of his estate when he passed away. It is complete with working lights and siren, pumps, hoses, extinguishers, helmets etc. The truck shine brightly with gorgeous chrome work throughout. Would be perfect in a collection or museum, click for full pics and info.”

Seller Description

1942 INTERNATIONAL K5S FIRE TRUCKThis is a fully restored and completely functional 1942 International K5S Fire Truck out of Idaho in the United States. The truck was previously a prized part of the Dr Forest Bird Collection. Dr Bird was an American aviator, inventor, and biomedical engineer. He is best known for having created some of the first reliable mass-produced mechanical ventilators for acute and chronic cardiopulmonary care. He has a massive private collection comprised of cars, trucks and planes. When Dr Bird passed away in 2015, his entire collection was put to auction as part of his deceased estate. The truck was ultimately purchased and send out to Australia where it has lived in collections since.The truck itself is complete and functioning. It runs a big flat head 6 cylinder engine paired to a manual transmission. All of the correct fire truck items remain in place including spinning dome lights, front mounted siren, Bell, spotlights, water pumps, hoses, helmets, fire extinguishers, tools, ladders etc. The detail in the truck is amazing, many parts are beautifully chrome plated and polished and shine beautifully. The wheels are nicely polished up to a near mirror shine. The interior is well restored with switches to operate all the bell and whistles. The truck would ideally suit a collector or museum. It is a gorgeous functional show piece and certainly a talking point for someone. Reach out if you would like more information or to make an appointment to view it in person.
NEW STOCK DROPS THE FIRST SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH AND THE DOORS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 8AM TO 2PM. OTHERWISE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY FOR GENUINE VEHICLE INQUIRIES/INSPECTIONS TUESDAY TO SATURDAY ALL OTHER TIMES, PLEASE CALL LOCKY MCCANN WITH INQUIRIES OR TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO VIEW ON [hidden information]Located at 2 Palings Court, Nerang on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Inspections by appointment only.PLEASE NOTE: This vehicle is being sold on consignment, consignment vehicles are sold as is without registration unless otherwise stated and there is no cooling off period or warranty expressed written or implied by the consignee.
Information about International K5S for sale on this page. See price and photos of the K5S International
Information is provided to us by the consignee and is the responsibility of the buyer to have thoroughly inspected the vehicle, and to have satisfied himself or herself as to the condition and value and to purchase based upon that judgement solely.

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Item ID: 213274
Sale price: $ 57252
Car location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 3.05.2021
Views: 3
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1942 INTERNATIONAL K5S FIRE TRUCK suit museum diamond T Mack chev ford texaco
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