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1947 Harley-Davidson Other

$ 29100

Exterior Color:Black
Vehicle Title:Clear


Unmolested VIN, matching belly numbers, clear title, Engine has new crank pins and bushings,  crankshaft balanced (work completed by Darkhorse crankworks), oil pump rebuilt, new valves, guides and seats, new rocker arm shafts, engine resealed and rocker tins shaped. Transmission was rebuilt, new seal, gaskets and bushings. Frame and forks were blasted and painted with single stage. Original sheet metal bike, the outer oil tank tab was removed years ago but is original, inner and outer primary covers are original also. Speedometer was rebuilt and looks like new. New wiring harness. Rims are aftermarket but has new Cad spokes and original rebuilt star hubs with new tubes and tires. Has new intake and peek seals from Carls cycle, linkert carb was rebuilt.  New clutch, and still has chain primary. Fender light and rear tail light are original. The aftermarket parts that I installed are, coil, handlebars, headlight, shock assembly on the front fork, rear drive sprocket on rear wheel and the exhaust. New brakes front and rear. I removed the points when I rebuilt the timer and installed a quickstart 2000 electronic ignition (you would only know by removing the cover or seeing an extra ground wire to the coil). The paintwork on the sheetmetal is flawless, it is base/clear that has been wetsanded and buffed, it is very nice. The tank emblems are repop but I do have the original emblems that can go with the bike. All original fasteners were sandblasted and reparkerized, the rest were replaced with colony fasteners. Seat is custom from Heathers leathers. Air cleaner, shift gate and lever are re-chromed original. I spared no expense with this bike, it is very nice. It starts and runs nice, I have not driven the bike so final adjustments on fuel mixture and clutch may be required. I have more photos and will gladly answer any questions. I can be texted or called at [hidden information]. Shipping is up to the buyer, I will assist in any way I see fit. On Jul-16-18 at 11:47:43 PDT, seller added the following information:

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Sale price: $ 29100
Motorcycle location: Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 25.07.2018
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1947 Harley-Davidson Other
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