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1948 Chevrolet Fleetline Used Sedan

Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:Sedan
:“Good start to a titled 1948 Chevy fleetline project ... has the common rust in the front feet area and along the door seal ... easy repair ... I’ve started work worse ... has a little common rust in the trunk also .. but over all solid structure ... there are a couple dents and dings but overall fairly straight ... roof is good and sold and not caved in ... no major body rust ... no rust by the tail lights like most have No seats included with this listingIt does have a mustang 2 nicely installed with manual rack and pinion steering .. looks like it was done some time back but nice welds and I was planning to run it ... the rear has a more modern 57 Chevy rearend with lowering blocks so it sets level and has 5 lugs all the way around ... the front still needs coil springs or air bags .. I have it setting on strut rod for ride height .... I will put bolts in body and frame for travel No motor or trans . Vin & title included up to date Oklahoma in my name Message me”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Nice start to an original fleetline project .. common rust in front feet area both sides and the trunk ... car is solid structure .. doors and trunk open and close fine and seam square ... no structural integrity problems !!! Has title and matches vin plate (up to date In my name Oklahoma) ... has a few dents and dings but overall good and straight roof is not caved in !!
Includes everything pictured... no motor trans or seats included...
The car is setting on a stock frame that some one did a nice job installing a mustang 2 with manual rack .... the welds are nice and I would run it ... the steering is not hooked up and there is no column ... it has disc brake rotor with 5 lugs on front .... u will need to finish the front end out with suspension as there are no coil springs just a threaded strut rod to set chassis height as I was going to do air ride ....
Information about 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Fleetline Chevrolet
the rear is a 57 Chevy car rearend with lowering blocks to set it level ....
I was going to pull the body back off of the frame to paint and install motor so body and front clip is just sitting but I will get some bolts in it all for traveling !!!
It is missing some trim but all of the main wondow trim and such is in place ...
This is a good start and like I said has title on my name that matches the original vin plate in the passenger door jamb
$250 due via PayPal within 24 hours and balance with in 7 days by cash in hand or bank wire transfer ... car will not leave until paid in full !!!
Thanks for lookin please message any question concerns or need for more pics of a certain area !!Please no endless messages or “internet buddies” 🤪🤪🤦‍♂️OrT e x t Niner juan ate / ate ate for / fife for ate juan
I am 25 miles south of downtown Tulsa ... and have room for a transport semi at my place

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Item Information

Item ID: 172308
Car location: Mounds, Oklahoma, United States
Last update: 2.08.2020
Views: 12
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1948 Chevrolet Fleetline Used Sedan
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