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1948 Ford F-100 Used

$ 24500

Vehicle Title:Clean
:“Just recently built truck with less than 2000 miles since being built”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1948 Ford F1 Rat rod/Custom Truck
· Engine…. Rebuilt GM 305 HD motor with factory aluminum
intake, HEI Ignition, 50,000-volt coil, new fan and water pump. New fuel pump,
new alternator, hoses, belts, plugs, 8mm plug wires, new thermostat, new
aluminum radiator, valve cover gaskets, new summit 600cfm carb with electric
choke, headers, flow master mufflers.
· Transmission….
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3 speed GM manual trans synchronized
· Rear end…. GM 10 bolt rear end posi traction with 2.79 gear
ratio. All new bearings, and seals.
· Suspension….86 GM front clip attached to original truck frame.
Frame has been reinforced for safety both front and rear, with 4 wheel disk
brakes. 4 link rear suspension with pan hard bar and rear sway bar. Sitting on
Ridetech air bags on all four corners. Pump, valves and tanks under bed. Also,
gas shocks supporting both front and rear. Bag controller in center console.
· Electrical…. New wiring harness and fuse panel, air bag valves,
pump for bags. Alpine stereo with JBL 5.5” speakers and tweeters. Electric
· Interior…. Custom dash with working speedo and cable from Texas
speedoworks. Oil pressure, temp, volts, boost and air bag gauges. Custom fuel
sending unit and tank, with working gas gauge. Custom interior in chocolate
vinyl and carpet. Custom bomber seats covered in beautiful cow hide, B52 bomber
seat belts. New glass, window channels and door rubber with deleted vent
· Exterior…. Truck is a beautiful cross between a roadster and a
truck. The combination is one of a kind. The cab has been chopped and channeled
4 inches. All new truck bed chopped and channeled. Hood is a modified 48 ford
pickup. 32 front grill shell, 30 Ford Fenders, running boards. Fuel tank is a
12-gallon spun aluminum tank. New oak truck bed. Truck is sprayed with single
stage Hotrod flatz firethorn red. This truck is unreal.
and tires…. Wheels are Cragar soft 8 black wheels with
Uniroyal tiger paw 225/55/17 tires on all 4 corners. Non-directional so you can
Truly one of a kind truck. Asking $25,900 or obo. Will consider trades.

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Item Information

Item ID: 188080
Sale price: $ 24500
Car location: Palmetto, Gabon Republic
Last update: 22.10.2020
Views: 10
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1948 Ford F-100 Used
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