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Used 1948 Indian Chief Used

Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Vehicle Title:Clear
Sub Model (Optional):Non Matching numbers
Type:Non running basket case
:Basket Case. Used. Buildable.
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Seller Description

Basket case with NO TITLE NO TITLE NO TITLE. Good cases, cylinders, transmission. Should all be buildable according to a couple of local experts. No pistons, bike and engine are mocked up to show how complete/ incomplete it is. All oil and gas lines are there along with ready to use tanks, fresh overhauled generator with belt guard and belt, shift and brake linkage...

...... and lots of new stuff. New wheel bearings, running boards, wiring harness, dietz headlight thats not shown. The bulk of the bike is there in roller form. Finish it your way shiny or barn find. I can assist loading or taking to a nearby business to ship. The way these prices are going........ well if you can find more for less, you should buy it. I listed it earlier in january but have added alot of parts since. This bike is a blast just to look at. Alot of original stuff on this bike obviously barn condition. It makes you choose a title status. Again ..... No Title. Its a bike I bought mostly like this and is not matching numbers. I will only sell on ebay but call if serious for questions. 320-two four seven 2333. Bike still needs control cables, engine work, rear brake arm, drive chain, misc fasteners and hardware just to mention some of the obvious things. I dont see any rust issues but left fram leg looks like it had a repair at one time. All in all its a cool project that gets alot of attention.

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Item Information

Item ID: 119187
Motorcycle location: Long Prairie, Minnesota, United States
For sale by: owner
Last update: 6.05.2019
Views: 362
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1948 Indian Chief Used
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