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1950 Pontiac Silver Streak Used

Model:Silver Streak
Vehicle Title:Clean
:“See detailed description in listing”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

I am selling this low mileage 1950 Pontiac Silver
Streak two door coupe!
This is the absolute perfect turn key old car with a
superb patina look and updated, reliable and perfectly running drivetrain.
This is a Canadian model Pontiac Silver Streak, which
means it is basically a Chevrolet chassis with Pontiac body parts and badges.
It makes it unique and easier to find parts for, if needed.
This car only has 25000 miles and was in storage
for most of its life. A restoration was started on it in the 1990’s but abandoned
halfway. But most hard work had been done, and it shows: the underside of this
car is like new. Perfect frame, perfect chassis components, perfect floors, it’s
amazing for an old car like this.
Original grey paint color is still visible on many
parts of the car. It even has the superb optional illuminated clear indian head
hood ornament!
Interior is all original and in almost perfect
survivor shape, with only a few flaws and stains that give it character.
The motor is a 1964 Chevrolet 283 v8 that was entirely
rebuilt last winter, including new 30mm oversized pistons.
Information about 1950 Pontiac Silver Streak for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Silver Streak Pontiac
Aluminium Powerglide
transmission and 3.08 ratio differential.
This car was driven and enjoyed all summer since
completion is a fantastic trouble-free cruiser.
Front end, steering, brakes and all fuel system is
either brand new or newly rebuilt.
She sure looks a bit worn with that patina looks, but
don’t get mistaken, this car is ready to cruise and was entirely revised.
Reason for selling is that a 1959 Chevrolet is next in
line for restoration, so this one has to go.
I am placing this ad for a
good friend of mine. Please, ask any questions regarding the car to him
directly at his email: [hidden information]
This car is located in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
and it is soldas is and where is. The ownership title is clear it
is not very complicated to import an old car in the USA, just a couple more
forms to fill with your DMV and the border agents.
The car is accessible for viewing anytime if you want to inspect it in person
before auction end.
I will not deliver the car anywhere, unless arrangements otherwise are
made beforehand directly with the seller.
Buyer is responsible for picking it up here and hauling it or driving it back
to his or her place, or to have it shipped by a third party. We will help the
best we can, but again,we will not do the shipping arrangements for
you or deliver the car under any circumstance, unless we agree on this
beforehand and before you bid.
Buyer must pay the car in full before the title is transferred and before it
leaves the owner’s property.
Winning bidder must pay a deposit of 500$ within 48 hours of auction end.
Arrangements for payment of balance must be discussed and agreed with the
seller within 3 days of the end of the auction.
The price has been set at a very reasonable amount for a vintage car this nice,
so bid away.

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Item Information

Item ID: 130948
Car location: Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Last update: 15.09.2019
Views: 100
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1950 Pontiac Silver Streak Used
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