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1950 Vincent

Vehicle Title:Clear
:Running Vincent Rapde. Will need service before riding. Complete bike with title.
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Seller Description

Vincent Rapide owned since 1966 by longtime Vincent enthusiast. Set up for touring and showing 55000 miles. Has been in storage since 2012 but started right up after a small amount of prep. Motor sound great with very little oil leaks. The charging system does not work and will need repair. A full service will be needed. Custom rear frame built by owner in the early 1970's. Bike comes with records of the many trips to Vincent Rallies and other events over the past 50 years. Great bike with many updates and interesting modifications. Bike is titled by the motor number as a 1950 but is a Series B motor from 1948.Upper frame member is 1947 Rapide. Rear frame is 1950 Rapide.Please call with questions or more information.Big D Cycle[hidden information]
Shipping arrangements to be made by buyer. Can be properly crated for overseas shipping for 450.00

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Item Information

Item ID: 189420
Motorcycle location: Dallas, Texas, United States
Last update: 1.11.2020
Views: 190
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1950 Vincent
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