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Used 1950 Vincent Vincent Rapide Used

Model:Vincent Rapide
Sub Model (Optional):Rapide
Vehicle Title:Clear
Item status:In archive   SEE NEW ADS >>>>>   

Seller Description

Vincent Rapide. Not matching numbers.Fully restored.I have a few of these and as this one was not a matching numbers bike I decided to restore it and chrome all the polished aluminum and many other partsThis was something I always wanted to do and it looks fantastic.An extremely expensive and time consuming undertaking I assure you.It was restored with no regard to cost and it stays shiny and polished merely with a wipe now and then. The paint has 4 base coats and 8 clear coat layers and is the best I’ve ever seen. The chrome was triple plated and redone a few times to get to this level. It is almost impossible to keep a vincent always this bright as the aluminum tarnishes whatever you do.Even when you polish,you can’t get into the crevices properly and none of us do unless it’s for a concourse at huge expense in labor.The motor has been fully done 5 years ago before my decision to restore it. I have put around 50 miles on it. Everything else on the bike was either restored or replaced where necessary.I have not run it or even put oil in since assembly 2 years ago and it just sits in my office as an artifact.I have over 300 photos and video of the step by step tear down and reassembly.If this is something that appeals to you and you’re not a pedantic purist ,it is the best you can get.It obviously needs some final fettling before you put it on the road. (Carb setting,fluids,etc). After that a few miles in order to set up suspension, steering, brakes and Re-torque all bolts and nuts.I doubt you could buy one and restore to this level for the money.
I try describe things as honestly and transparently as I would like others to do when I’m looking to buy.However,I am not an expert on all aspects of every motorcycle or car and things do slip through the cracks sometimes especially when I rely on previous owner descriptions. Please understand that descriptions,viewpoints and opinions vary between people. Please look at the photos and do your own evaluation.If you’re an aficionado,collector or plain crazy for wheels please feel free to look at my other items for sale or contact me for a full list.There are a lot of bikes and cars.It might be great for you as I’m going through my..………….“hate myself for accumulating so much and not using” phase.I’m sure you understand the different phases we go through if you have the same sickness! I’m looking for people in the “ accumulation phase” :):)
Due to clowns, timewasters,scammers and other idiots out there,I apologize in advanceto the rest of you good people who are now unfortunately forced to read this tirade.DO NOT bid,make offers or press buttons if you’re not absolutely sure or have already consulted with your wives,husbands,gurus,mechanics,lawyers,spiritual and financial advisors,priests and accountants.I’d love to listen to your financial problems!DO NOT waste my time or yours with crappy offers,you know exactly what I mean!!All other offers will be addressed seriously and logically.And yes,I do know that I’m not selling a unicorn!I also know you can’t believe this but i haven’t been waiting only for you specifically and again unbelievable but true I’m really not desperate for your money so if you’re one of those guys............……Intelligent questions and clarifications welcomed.ANY inspections,viewing,test drives etc are welcome BEFORE purchase NOT AFTER!A friendly reminder.Buyers remorse after purchase is your problem,don’t try and make it mine!!!No warranties are implied or made. Sale as is.

Non refundable PayPal deposit immediately on purchase. Balance by wire or cash within three days. No exceptions!If you make an offer,please try to include your details on the message part of the offer tab and I will reciprocate immediately to confirm who I’m dealing with before I accept or decline. A message with details accompanying an offer is a courteous thing to do and is more likely to be accepted even if the offer is slightly lower than expected.
If you disagree with,or ANY of the above offends your sensibilities,aggravates you,hurts your feelings or insults you in any way,just move on!!! It’s not really Rocket science!!Thank you.

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Item Information

Item ID: 146391
Motorcycle location: Miami Beach, Florida, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 29.01.2020
Views: 107
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1950 Vincent Vincent Rapide Used
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