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Used 1952 Vincent Rapide "Series C"

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Seller Description

1952 Vincent Rapide "Series C"
A correctly numbered machine with paired cases, however not a matching numbers example (what Vinnie truly is?) Club member owned for last 30 years. Excellent condition mechanically and cosmetically.Many extras bought through the club, with all invoices and fitted by Marque specialists, easy up stand, alloy rims and stainless spokes.This is one of the best and most usable Rapides out there. Totally usable, sorted and reliable. I will put 12 months MOT on it and once paid in Full I will deliver anywhere in the U.K.

( I will use a classic vehicle delivery company as to comply with Current Covid legislation)Please message for further information. Low reserve and it is on eBay to be sold. This is the best value Rapide out there! It sold in 2016 fir ВЈ60,000!!Please serious buyers only, life is to short to waste it! I had a bid from someone who then said he needed to ask his wife! Ask first please then bid! Any serious buyer please note I reserve the right to end Auckland sell.Tel: 07514 017 681

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Item Information

Item ID: 210070
Motorcycle location: willersey, United Kingdom
Last update: 12.04.2021
Views: 39
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1952 Vincent Rapide "Series C"
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