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1956 Austin Healey 100 BN2 red

:Fantastic opportunity. Stunning restoration with no excuses.Year:1956VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):BN2L233213Mileage:68612For Sale By:Private SellerTrim:redTransmission:ManualModel:100 BN2Exterior Color:WhiteMake:Austin HealeyDrive Type:RWDVehicle Title:CleanEngine:4cylinderFuel Type:Gasoline
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Item Location:Independence, Oregon, United States
Shipping to: United States
Excludes: Angola, Cameroon, Cayman Islands, French Polynesia, Libya, Mongolia, Suriname, Guyana, Panama, Mauritius, Brunei Darussalam, Chad, Madagascar, New Caledonia, Bahamas, Bermuda, Iran, Saint Kitts-Nevis, Western Sahara, Bolivia, Laos, Congo, Republic of the, Seychelles, Sudan, Guadeloupe, Venezuela, Somalia, Burma, Cuba, Republic of, Reunion, Yemen, Barbados, Belize, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Martinique, Dominica, Niger, French Guiana, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saudi Arabia, Nicaragua, Tajikistan, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, British Virgin Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Honduras, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Turks and Caicos Islands, Botswana, Eritrea, Swaziland, Lesotho
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Seller Description

About this vehicle
This 1956 Austin Healey 100 BN2 is an original. The owner has had it for 5+ years. The vehicle runs great and is mainly used for car shows.
Seller's Notes
Fantastic opportunity. Stunning restoration with no excuses.
Vehicle Details
Beautiful and a joy to drive. Fast fun and nimble.
1956 Austin Healey 100 BN2. 4speed manual transmission with electric overdrive.

Totally professionally restored car. 100M specs , with Lemans kit. Dynamate sound deadening on floors. Zero rust or damage history. Super straight and solid. Runs excellent with no issues. Clean title. We at buyers expense can ship worldwide. Questions [hidden information] . Running gear all rebuilt along with suspension. This car is a jewel . All new top and side curtains. Factory jack and all original factory tools kit. Owners manual and workshop manual. Numbers matching car. One of the very best. Never before advertised. Unmolested and authentic with incredible attention to detail !! This car will not disappoint. Bid to win !!!!
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Item Information

Item ID: 242333
Car location: Independence, Oregon, United States
Last update: 22.11.2021
Views: 36
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1956 Austin Healey 100 BN2 red
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