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1957 Bsa C12 Black, White 250L Petrol

Seller notes:Lovingly restored, beautiful condition, new parts and tyres.
V5 Registration Document:Present
Colour:Black, White
Engine Size:250
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Seller Description

1957 BSM Motorcycle 250cc C12
Lovingly restored, beautiful condition, new parts and tyres.
The bike speaks for itself.
Call Gordon 01252 [hidden information] to ask any questions or to arrange for a viewing Aldershot area.First to see will buy. Sold as seen. Cash on collection.
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(Note: I am listing for neighbour so may have some details wrong. Gordon can answer all of your questions)

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Item Information

Item ID: 239671
Motorcycle location: Aldershot, United Kingdom
Last update: 7.11.2021
Views: 47
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1957 Bsa C12 Black, White 250L Petrol
Current customer rating: 4/5 based on 3933 customer reviews

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