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1958 BSA Gold Star

$ 10000

Exterior Color:Silvergray and Black
Type:Competition Street
Vehicle Title:Clean
Model:Gold Star


Seller description

1958 BSA DBD34 (500cc) Gold Star
I have owned this 1958 machine about ten years. It is in very good condition. When I purchased this machine it was in less than satisfactory condition. Since then I have been through everything on it, replacing or refurbishing it to a condition I would describe as very good. This is not a museum piece, it is a rally ready to ride machine.
The engine was rebuilt about 5 years ago. The lower end castings were sent to Phill Pearson in England for refurbishment of the magneto perch (see posted photo) and the magneto oil seal boss. The original crankshaft was replaced with a brand new Pearson crankshaft (see posted photos) and connecting rod assembly including main bearings. The aluminum cylinder and liner were replaced by Phil Pearson with a brand new aluminum cylinder with a STD bore liner. The piston is a STD Wiseco 8:1 compression ratio piston. The cams were replaced with brand new touring cams from Phil Pierson. The cylinder head was sent out and reconditioned with new valves, springs and guides. The head bolts were replaced with brand new stainless steel head bolts. The cylinder head gasket is a Pierson head gasket (the best head gasket I have ever seen). 
The Gearbox is a STD T needle bearing layshaft gearbox (see posted photo) that is in excellent condition. I replaced the bearings and seals about 5 years ago.
The Lucas M01L magneto is in good condition with a recently rewound armature that was purchased from Doug Wood in Pennsylvania. The magneto base has been modified to accept four woodruff keys that fit tightly into the woodruff key slots in the unmodified aluminum magneto perch, providing greatly improved mounting contact and positioning of the magneto. The alignment with the timing gear idler, oil seal, and breather valve is perfect and secure. As previously mentioned, the aluminum magneto perch was reconditioned to factory specs and it will accept an original Lucas magneto that mounts on 5/16 dowel pins.
The electrical system has been upgraded to 12V with an Alton Alternator and a solid state voltage regulator. The entire wiring harness has been replaced with a brand new (made by me) modified harness that incorporates two 5A circuit breakers protecting the battery circuits and the charging circuit. The headlight and tail light bulbs are aftermarket LEDs. The bike comes with a detailed up to date wiring diagram.
The tires are near new Avon Roadrider tires. The rims are Weinmann 36 hole shouldered aluminum BMW rims fitted with Buchanan stainless steel spokes. The wheel bearings were replaced about five years ago. The front brake just fitted with a brand new set of shoes. The back brake is in good working order.
The clutch is the later four spring roller bearing clutch (Triumph type) and the primary chain is brand new.
The handlebars are European style “M” type handlebars. The clutch lever assembly is an aluminum Yamaha SR500 assembly that incorporates a compression release lever and a mirror mount in the single assembly. The front brake lever assembly is Yamaha also and it incorporates a front brake light switch and a mirror mount in the single assembly. This bike did not have a factory fitted front brake light switch. I have included a front brake-light circuit in the new modified wiring harness. These lever assemblies greatly reduce the clutter of controls clamped all over the handlebars.
The machine is fitted with a brand new seat, a brand new exhaust pipe and muffler, and an a near new Mikuni VM 38mm round slide carburetor. 
All the engine and gearbox threads are British Standard Whitworth or British Standard Fine as original and in good condition. The various frame assembly bolts are new rounded head (like original) stainless steel SAE National fine series bolts with stainless steel washers and Nylock nuts. The engine and gearbox mounting bolts are 17-4 PH stainless steel SAE National fine thread studs fitted with with stainless steel washers and Nylock nuts on each end.
The frame number and engine number are correct (as from the factory).
This bike is a very good bike.

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Item information

Item ID: 192690
Sale price: $ 10000
Motorcycle location: Truckee, California, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 13.11.2020
Views: 12
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1958 BSA Gold Star
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