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1959 Chevrolet Impala Used Automatic Coupe

$ 87000

Number of Cylinders:8
Interior Color:Red
Body Type:Coupe
Vehicle Title:Clean
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Seller Description

Vehicle Details
Putting my 1959 Chevrolet Impala on here to see if there is any interest, which there should be!!Purchased in 2013 for $60,000The car was immaculate. I can send pictures and videos before restoration. Should of just left it alone!! The car had the original lacquer paint, white with the red checkered interior. I drove the car home from Connecticut, was fully complete and lazer straight. After two months of owning it and browsing lowrider magazine I decided that I wanted a cover car. The entire vehicle was dismantled and painted by Chris Cerce Customs in Taunton, MA.Paint - Ferrari Grigio SilvertoneBody - both seams under the wings were shaved. Both the hood and truck was 3M bead sealed, looks like a piece of glass!! Very impressed how great they came out. Inside of the trunk was completely sanded and painted. All sheet metal under the hood has been painted to match the car. - $40,000 at least Interior - The dash board was shaved and smoothed out, no more speaker box in the center. Painted Ferrari red. All gauge clusters and steering wheel was also painted to match dash. All gauges work. Center speaker box in the rear back seat was powder coated to match also. All dash trim has been polished and is seriously a 9/10. Spent $4,000 on brand new Cidella OEM replacement covers for seats, new door panels, 100% red carpet with a 57 bel air 100% red headliner (never liked the OEM grey headliner). Brand new sun visors, wrapped arm rests, slotted door handle trim and chrome, Fisher door kick plates. Also has a California Cool Air A/C System partly installed. Chrome on the radio was also sent out and redone. Trim - All trim was sent out and polished. 80% of it is still wrapped individually in news paper. ONLY ITEMS that need to be rechromed are the front and rear bumper with continental kit and front end grille. $6,000 in receipts Engine - Fully rebuilt 350 bored .30 over (388 stroker).
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Block was painted Orion Silver from House of Color. New headers, Inglese 8 stack fuel injection kit, Billet chrome serpentine pulley setup, notched and polished radiator, shaved firewall, Wilwood break booster with breaks. All bolts are brand new and polished. - $17,000 in receipts Frame/Suspension - Frame was sandblasted and painted. Purchased the AccuAir E-Level System. All bolts brand new************* THE NITTY GRITTY *************This vehicle was 90% finished. This car was on its way to being featured. After the body shop, I sent it out to a local shop to have it wired up/have the trim put back on. Unfortunately the shop I brought it to tried sticking me with a 50K bill when very little was done to it. After a 2 year legal battle, I had to pay this asshole 10K to get the car back. While the car was collecting dust inside his shop, he put the bumpers inside the car and basically didnt take great care of it.Problems - The body has 5 minor chips in almost every panel. Corner of the fender, tip of the hood, ect. Doesnt have any dings but I expect everything perfect. This car can be put together now and still be nicer than whatever 59 Impala is on the market currently.Again. I expect everything to be perfect. Since everything is taken apart, a new paint job will cost around 20K. Car needs exhaust, front end body panels lined up. Missing window wiper motor and front and back windows. Will cost $700 for new glass. I have all new wiring, weather stripping. I had the wheel caps polished with the matching white spinners. Also needs white walls with the retro OEM rims. As thats the look I was going with. Important to take note that the trim is 100% complete and redone. Nothing is missing!!!!! Engine has never had fuel in it... With the cost of the car and work, I have $155,000 invested. Ive had offers for 60K and 66KIm asking $87,000 FIRMI do not need to sell as its sitting in my garage. Im just completely turned off and do not have the time nor patience to put my trust in another shop to compete. This is a steal. Body is immaculate and everything is there. Im sure Im missing something. Oh. The continental kit was built from a guy in Canada. He also sold me the 7foot cruiser skirts - $6,000If you text me I can send a walk around videoMatt[hidden information]Unless you have an immaculate 1970 Chevelle, Im not interested in any trades. Im not interested in taking any money off of my asking price. Thank you
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Item ID: 218446
Sale price: $ 87000
Car location: Franklin, Massachusetts, United States
Last update: 5.06.2021
Views: 7
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1959 Chevrolet Impala Used Automatic Coupe
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