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1959 Mercedes-benz 300-Series Used

$ 34950

Disability Equipped:No
Vehicle Title:Clean
:“Very clean car”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1959 Mercedes Adenawer
Very original and rare
Mercedes drives great, shift great and stop great.
The transmission was
I just put a fresh
cylinder head and did some work on the engine, the car drives perfect
The woods are
untouched from day one and look good.
The interior is
original and looks good as well but you can see the age.
This is a free rust
car, no rust at all.
The paint was done
about two years ago.
All gauges are working
I have that car for
many years and now it is time to let it go
Please ask any
question that you may have.Clean California Title.I will end the auction with the good offer

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Item Information

Item ID: 191978
Sale price: $ 34950
Car location: Beverly Hills, California, United States
Last update: 10.11.2020
Views: 9
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1959 Mercedes-benz 300-Series Used
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