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1960 Plymouth Fury Used

Number of Cylinders:8
Vehicle Title:Clean
Exterior Color:White
Interior Color:Gold
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1960 four-door Plymouth fury. 318 with the torque flight three speed pushbutton transmission. Starts right up! I was told that the motor, and transmission were gone through a few years ago but I do not have that paperwork. Also, radiator was repaired. I have taken it out at 80 miles an hour for half an hour and it drove as straight as an arrow and shifted like a beauty. No rust and the interior is in pretty good shape except where a previous driver has worn through the seat. I am going a different direction and before I put money into this I want to see if anybody wants to buy it. There are 4 negatives. 1. dent on the roof in one of the pictures. 2 speedometer does not work. 3. Nor the gas gauge. 4. windshield. I have tracked down a windshield and what I believe to be the correct speedometer cable and I can point you to both. If you want to start on a 1960 Fury, this is the car for you. I am not going to give this away so you can keep your lowball offers.
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AC factory but disconnected and in trunk. Newer alternator, not generator. Installed control arm bushings, new drag link, and idler bushing.
Clean Iowa title.

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Item Information

Item ID: 178638
Car location: Mount Pleasant, Iowa, United States
Last update: 4.09.2020
Views: 25
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1960 Plymouth Fury Used
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