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1963 Dodge Dart Used

$ 10900

Vehicle Title:Clean
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Seller Description

Dodge Dart
Donor Car for a Hot Rod or
Affordable Classic!
reading the entire ad, if you have any questions call Clint at [hidden information]
1963 Dodge Dart Convertible is a turnkey Hotrod that wont break your
budget and garners attention wherever it goes. The
Red Paint is dated but shines at any angle. I would call this a nice
driver quality vehicle. Undercarriage, floors, and frame are very
clean, straight, and solid. All body mounts in tact and look good.
Has a black painted underside. All of the chrome, stainless, emblems
are in good shape.
rides, drives, and handles really well, better than you would expect
Very tight and easy to drive for any size or aged driver. I would not
hesitate getting behind the wheel of this car with my family and
drive it to any car show! This is a survivor with an older repaint
that was maintained mechanically but still runs, drives, and shows
extremely well. This is a great car to cruise to any local car show,
take the grandkids for ice cream. Or, its a great base to put in a
360 Crate engine and create a really unique Pr Touring Hot Rod!
Straight 6 cyl. Engine Just Rebuilt, w/ Receipts.
Speed Manual – 3 on the tree.
New Tires.
Fuel Lines.
Information about 1963 Dodge Dart for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Dart Dodge

Water Pump.
Thermostat and Gasket.
this is a great opportunity to get behind the wheel of an affordable
turn key Classic that can be driven everyday! Use for promotion and
write it off as a business expense!! Rent out for weddings or events!
You're only limited to your imagination! I have about 150 more photos
on a website. Please contact me for the link. In an uncertain world,
invest in not only an asset you can see and touch, but one you can
enjoy as well! Thanks for viewing, and if you have any questions,
just let me know. Call or Text Clint Direct anytime at [hidden information].
in Wind Gap, PA 18091 right on Route 512. Minutes from major
routes 78, 80, 22, 33, in Northeast Pennsylvania. We are located
about 70 miles to New York City, and 70 Miles to Philadelphia. 20
minutes from (ABE)- Lehigh Valley International Airport. 70 miles to
(EWR)- Newark or (PHL)- Philadelphia International Airports.
will assist with selling worldwide,
but payment and arrangements are buyer's responsibility. I have used
several shipping companies in the past, and can recommend shippers to
contact. Financing
through JJ Best, or Lightstream, or Woodside Credit, Classic Car
Finance Companies. Just google their sites, or put a dot com after
each of their names.
encourage & welcome pre purchase inspections.
I will work with your inspector, appraiser, mechanic, etc to make you
feel comfortable with your purchase. Vehicle is sold AS-IS,
NO Warranties Expressed or Implied. I
have a clean clear title for this vehicle. If you have less than 5
feedback, please email prior to bidding. Please
ask any questions prior to bidding. Don't
assume anything.
This is a legal binding contract. If you are the winning bidder, you
are obligated to complete the purchase. You are not bidding on the
opportunity to come and look at the vehicle and decide if you want to
purchase the item! Also, please have all financing or funds in place
prior to bidding. In other words, ask your wife first!! $1,000.00
Deposit due within 24 hours of auction close. Balance due within 7
days of auction close. PLEASE NOTE:
If you pay by a certified check, vehicle WILL NOT be released until
funds have cleared my banking institution!! Which typically takes 7
days. Small
Business Disclaimer : I am not Walmart. I do
accept returns within 30 of days with a receipt. All sales are final
and AS-IS with No Warranties.
I will assist with
selling worldwide, but payment and
arrangements are buyer’s
responsibility. I have used several shipping companies in the past,
and can recommend shippers to contact, or can be arranged right
through ebay and their recommended carriers. I assume no
responsibility to any shipping company. That is worked out between
the buyer and the carrier.
Contact Clint at [hidden information] for more info.

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Item ID: 213288
Sale price: $ 10900
Car location: Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, United States
Last update: 3.05.2021
Views: 4
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1963 Dodge Dart Used
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