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1963 Ford Falcon Used Gasoline

Number of Cylinders:8
Vehicle Title:Clear
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

This 1963 Ford Falcon was built by J Rod Customs of Puyallup Wa a few years ago. The car features an Art Morison front suspension with coil overs, and the rear is a custom trianglular setup fabricated by J Rod Custsoms, with coil overs in the rear as well. Four wheel disc brakes, custom exhaust which is a one of a kind, all merging into one muffler and exiting the car via one pipe. 351 Windsor, T-10 trans (line lock not installed) and an 8.8 rearend posi with 355 gears finish it off. The body is all original with all the trim, some small rust which makes the car stand out at every car show. The wheels are off a State Police car and powder coated bronze. Tires are 215/45/16 and the rears 225/50/16. This car has hundreds and hundreds of hours in fabrication, from the firewall to the transmission tunnel to the suspension and although has awesome original Patina is NO way a “rust bucket “ The interior still retains the original headliner, door panels and visors. The custom carpet was done at McFarlands upholstery and was completely sound deadend at that time. The rear seat was also recovered to original. The front seats are out of a 930 Porsche and are in pristine condition. Happy to answer any questions. This car wins evey show I’ve taken it to the past two years including Good Guys. One of a kind for sure. Selling to build another car. The Falcon lives in a heated garage all year. Buyer is responsible for shipping but more than happy to help.
Information about 1963 Ford Falcon for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Falcon Ford
$500 PayPal once auction ends. Aproximately 5000 since the build car shows and sunny days.On Aug-12-18 at 19:16:59 PDT, seller added the following information:I have more photos available. Send me your email. Paint is original, very straight car for its age. All the trim is original as well. Paint was cleared a few years ago, prior to that it’s was just the straight up original finish. You can’t make this patina if you tried.

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Item Information

Item ID: 79746
Car location: Kent, Washington, United States
Last update: 2.09.2018
Views: 163
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1963 Ford Falcon Used Gasoline
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