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Used 1964 Bsa Classic Used 175L Petrol

V5 Registration Document:Present
Start Type:Kick start
Gears:Four-speed manual
Engine Size:175
Previous owners (excl. current):4
Date of 1st Registration:19641205
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Seller Description

This listing is for my BSA Sunbeam 175cc 2 Stroke Scooter.
The scooter was restored a few years ago and starts, runs and rides well. Everything works aside from the speedo odometer the speedo still works fine but the ODO got to 4999 and has got stuck, I haven't wanted to take it apart as the speedo works but I'm sure it could be sent to specialist to be repaired.
The scooter does have couple of marks to the paint which are small chips mainly where the side panels bolt together but these could be touched in. The scooter has recently been serviced with new spark plug, gearbox oil, primary and secondary drive oil with all pivots greased.
The scooter has two keys, steering lock key, V5 Logbook and is ready to ride for the summer.
You are more than welcome to collect in person following social distancing rules or I can provide UK Wide delivery available for ВЈ200 with Costello Motorcycle Transport.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

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Item Information

Item ID: 214192
Motorcycle location: Benfleet, United Kingdom
Last update: 9.05.2021
Views: 83
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1964 Bsa Classic Used 175L Petrol
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