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1964 Pontiac GTO Used Other 389 Tri-PowerL Manual

$ 58950

Exterior Color:Red
Interior Color:Black
Body Type:Other
Engine:389 Tri-Power
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Vehicle Title:Clean
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Carolina Muscle Cars Inc. - eBay Template
Engine Size 389 Tri-Power
Transmission Type 4 Speed Manual
Body Style hardtop
Miles 88411
Vin 824P[hidden information]
Stock 0813
1964 Pontiac GTO Tripower 389 4SPD Unrestored Original Gorgeous PHS Docs red
CMC is proud to have this unrestored original 1964 GTO in our showroom. Powered by a 389 engine and backed by a 4 Speed manual transmission, this GTO is truly a one of kind. This quality and condition is truly exceptional.This GTO has all original red paint that is in remarkable condition. The paint is very shiny and is not cracking or falling apart. The trim and chrome is also original and looks like a car that is a few years old. The original interior is still neat and tidy. The carpets are believed to be the the only part of the interior that is not original. When you open the hood you will not original finishes that have not been repainted. The car has clearly been in climate controlled storage for a very long time. The preservation and quality of this car is the best we have seen in a long time. You will be very impressed with the original condition. The car is ready to be shown.Options included on this unique GTO:389 Cubic inch engine
TriPower Carburetors have been added
4-Speed manual transmission
Tinted glass
Black Bucket Seats
Variable speed wipers
Spinner Deluxe Hubcaps
Correct Redline original tires
Dual exhaust system
Posi-Traction Rear
Gauge PackageMechanically, this pure GTO drives as good as you would imagine. The 389 engine is so smooth and powerful. The Tri-Power Carburetors have been properly rebuilt and perform flawlessly. The transmission shifts smoothly through all the gears. The car rides very tight and corners well. It is evident that this Goat has been pampered its entire life.If you are in the market for a true one of kind all original GTO and a show stopper, look no further. You can restore a car and try to make it good as original, but being all original is always the best. The show quality survivor must be seen and driven to appreciate.Trades are always welcomed!Contact CMC today. Let us help you with the car of your dreams.Carolina Muscle Cars Inc,
301 S. Wall Street
Benson, NC 27504
[hidden information]
About Me
Carolina Muscle Cars is a full service, Classic Car Dealer in NC specializing in classic, muscle, exotic and sport cars. We Sell, Buy, Service and Restore Dream Cars! We also offer Finance and Shipping.
When considering a Classic Car Dealer, have confidence knowing we go back 30 years in this Industry. We understand your needs, wants and expectations. We have firsthand knowledge to take your Classic Car to the level you desire.
Contact CMC and access the resources of a longtime enthusiast who understands the history and possesses the unique skills needed to meet your goals. To us, it’s more than a Classic car business. It’s personal. It’s passion.
Terms & Conditions
All serious inquiries can be made directly to [hidden information]. We encourage pre-purchase inspections. All inspections are to be done in a timely manner. Once the auction is over, the buyer’s due diligence should be completed. Please have your finances in order. The reserve met, high bidder will be the new owner. A $299 administration / documentation fee is added to all vehicle transactions. This is an AS-IS auction with no warranties or guarantees stated or implied. Good luck with the auction and please call for more information.
Information about 1964 Pontiac GTO for sale on this page. See price and photos of the GTO Pontiac Red 389 Tri-Power


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Item Information

Item ID: 216775
Sale price: $ 58950
Car location: Benson, North Carolina, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 25.05.2021
Views: 12
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1964 Pontiac GTO Used Other 389 Tri-PowerL Manual
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