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1964 Ural MT16 With BMW R100 Motor Used

$ 8000

Model:MT16 With BMW R100 Motor
Type:Sidecar - Off Road
Exterior Color:Yellow
Vehicle Title:Clean
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Dnepr MT16 - 2 Wheel Drive sidecar.
I purchased it with 25 Kilometers on the clock in 2009.
I replaced the speedo when I did the conversion, it reads 3,300km.
It is registered as a 1964 and has a 1978 BMWR100rt motor.
The title is clear, current and has a North Carolina Antique Plate
The VIN is a California "Blue Tag", making it as easy to register as any other vehicle.
I am turning 65 soon and moving most of the year to Europe.
That said, a few life changes are going on, including selling a bike or two.
The Bike is a full time 2 wheel drive (like a car and unlike the Ural locker type) and goes off road to places you wouldn’t think it could go.
This conversion is common in Europe and well proven.
The motor is electric start, fires right up and runs great.
A few of the Upgrades to this bike
1,000 CC BMW R100RT motor, I lowered the compression (shims under the cylinders) for better low end and the ability to run low octane gas.
I have only run no ethanol fuel in the bike. It has hardened valve seats and puts out double the power of the old Soviet motor, it is a big valve engine with 40mm Bing carburetors.
As is common practice with this conversion, there is a /2 clutch disc, it doesn’t slip.
There is a heavy duty fiber reinforced rubber donut on the driveshaft, designed specifically for the bigger motor.
The Dnepr 804 trans is widely regarded as the most robust of the Russian Gearboxes, it has been modified with a lower 1st and a higher 4th gear ratio, the bearings are all Timken or SKF. It has good low end power and easily runs up to speed. It has a reverse gear.
Electronic ignition; it retains points and the auto advance mechanism.
The dodgy Soviet wiring harness has been replaced, all connectors are soldered and shrink tubed. There are 30amp relays controlling the starting and headlight circuits.
The headlight is a 55/100 Hella bulb and lights up the road as well as a modern bike.
There is a full size car battery in the trunk.
Front Disc Brake – the drums were OK 50 years ago in the Soviet Union; they were unsafe on American roads. I used a large piston Honda Type Master Cylinder, retained the Leading Link front end (for easy steering) and installed a double caliper disc setup. It stops really well now.
All the U Joints were replaced..
Comes with lots of extra parts, gaskets and filters.
Tires will last another season; they are Duro and a Kenda knobby as a spare for dirt work.
All wheels are interchangeable on the bike.
This bike is a hoot to ride, it is a capable 2WD off road bike and it will attract a crowd wherever you take it. Everyone wants to go for a ride. Kids, dogs and a weeks worth of groceries, no problems!
There are few motorcycles I have owned that faithfully give me the grins, this is one of them.
I also have a full size trailer that fits the bike, that I will Sell for $250 if you buy the bike.

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Item Information

Item ID: 234323
Sale price: $ 8000
Motorcycle location: Weaverville, North Carolina, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 15.09.2021
Views: 19
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1964 Ural MT16 With BMW R100 Motor Used
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