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1965 Austin healey 3000 Used Manual 3 literL Convertible

Exterior Color:Green
Manufacturer:Austin healey
Number of Cylinders:6
Engine:3 liter
Body Type:Convertible
Vehicle Title:Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1965 Austin-Healey 3000
MKIII convertible with ground up, frame off restoration in 2014.
British Heritage certificate. British Racing Green over white with
gray interior and green Wilton wool carpets. Engine totally rebuilt
with hardened valve seats. Engine runs strong. Only 2000 miles since
purchase in 2015. All matching numbers. Working fuel gauge. The car
has a three plug auxiliary outlet for a GPS or cell phone. The car
has an extra SU fuel pump as back up when touring. The rims are chrome 72 spoke wire wheels.

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Item Information

Item ID: 121063
Car location: Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States
Last update: 17.05.2019
Views: 24
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1965 Austin healey 3000 Used Manual 3 literL Convertible
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