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Used 1966 Amc Marlin Used

Vehicle Title:Clean
:Very good condition, needs restoration, but is solid,complete and running.
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Seller Description

Selling my 1966 AMC Marlin, equipped with the largest engine available back then, the AMC 327 with 280 Horsepower, and the Borg-Warner T-10, 4-speed manual ttansmission. This is one of the rarest Marlins still alive as only 4500 were manufactured for 1966, and less than 4% were equipped like this.
This car is soild, with little or no rust in sight, and has a relatively new two-tone paint job. All the stainless and chrome comes with the car, and as far as I know, it is a complete car, including the rare hood ornament. As background, note the following:
For 1966, the Marlin received only minor styling changes, including a blacked-out grille with a single horizontal bar up front. The base price was reduced to $2,601 by eliminating a few standard features, but the option list was lengthened significantly to allow buyers more choices. The Twin-Stick overdrive transmission was discontinued and a conventional Borg-Warner T-10 four-speed box was made available, which this car has.One key change was in branding, as the venerable Rambler name was removed from all vehicle emblems and literature, replaced with the American Motors logo. The sporty fastback was no longer the “Marlin by Rambler” but the “Marlin by American Motors” as the automaker worked to rebrand itself. However, the change had no positive effect on Marlin sales, as volume fell to 4,547 for model year 1966.The distinctive Marlin has found a niche among old car hobbyists and collectors of historic vehicles as evidenced by the backing of enthusiasts with a single marque antique auto club.It offers information to those interested in "these uncommon and fascinating cars."Although a relatively low-production model, the Marlin is a derivative of AMC's higher-volume models so it shares many common parts. Vehicles in various stages of appearance and mechanical condition can be found for sale.

Plusses for collectors of the 1966 model include decent performance with optional drivetrains, historical oddity, plush, bucket-seat interior, and its still low prices.The Marlin's low production numbers also means that there "will be too many other Marlin owners to rub elbows with."There are also many active local and national (U.S. and other nations) Rambler and AMC car clubs that welcome MarlinsToday, the AMC Marlin is among the rarest classic cars in the world. If you're lucky, you might be able to get your hands on one of these classic AMC models forless than $20,000. Equiped with the drivetrain this one flaunts, it is extremely rare, even among Marlins, as the majority of them 870%) had the automatic transmission and smaller engines. As per a recent report, the lowest recorded sale price for an AMC Marlin was $8,800 back in 2020.(Car & Driver,Feb 15, 2021)I am happy to keep the car in storage until the buyer can arrange shipping, and for this there would be no addtional charge. I was planning on restoring and enjoying this extremely beautiful interesting car, but my health will not allow that, and therefore I am selling it on so another lucky owner can enjoy this car. I require an immediate deposit and balance by wire transfer to my bank. As a side note, the car is shiny but a couple of the pictures show it duller because of the recent rain. Please excuse this.

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Item Information

Item ID: 230459
Car location: Conroe, Texas, United States
Last update: 20.08.2021
Views: 269
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1966 Amc Marlin Used
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