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1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Used Other 396 V8L Manual

$ 69900

Vehicle Title:Clean
Exterior Color:Blue
Interior Color:White
Body Type:Other
Engine:396 V8
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Seller Description

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Year: 1966
Mileage: 63067
Primary color: Blue
Transmission type: 4 Speed Manual
Engine: 396 V8
396 SS, Numbers Matching, 4-Speed
EXTERIOR: The fit and finishes are excellent. Look down either side of this car and it's laser beam straight. The Marina Blue is laid out evenly and the clear coat is polished like glass. The trim really enhances the car even more because it all sparkles. Upfront the grill, bumper, bumper guards look new. The chrome grills on the hood, door handles, emblems are also in like new condition. Most of the stainless trim looks new. In back the tail lights, trim, bumpers and bumper guards look new. Door jambs are painted real nice with correct decals, clean along the bottoms. The latches are cleaned up, new weather strips, metal sill plates. fuzzy window seals look great. 14 inch Steel wheels have radial redline tires.INTERIOR: Sitting in the car and every part looks new. In front of me is a beautiful dash. All the chrome trim is new and sparkling, clean heater control panel. All the interior metal is painted slick. It has the factory in dash gauge package original AM FM Radio. Restored bucket seats- cushions, upholstery, seat backs and trim is new. In between them is an original center console. Door panels are new including the armrests. Down on the floor the carpet is replaced and has original style mats only. Visors and glove box liner are in great shape.ENGINE COMPARTMENT: Beautiful motor compartment, you will be proud to open it. Numbers matching 396 325hp all stock. Correct intake, manifolds, heads etc. stock style fan and shroud. It features power steering with the correct remote reservoir. Power brake system. Wiper motor looks new. All the metal is clean and painted very nicely. Has hood insulation, spring clamp battery cables. New battery just installed.TRUNK COMPARTMENT: Looks to be all solid metal. Painted a gray and white spatter finish. The bottom of the trunk lid and the jamb is as glossy as the outside. New decal and weatherstrip. Steel wheel and Radial tire for a spare also has a Jack assembly and it's all bolted down properly. New trunk mat and also.UNDERSIDE: The front end is completely rebuilt. In back it has a 12 bolt posi rear with 3:31 gears. Has disc in front, new brake lines, hoses, bleeders and e-brake cables. The bottom of this car is very clean to.
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Satin black on the chassis and satin black on the floors. The metal is clean, smooth and dry.This one is exceptional. Beautiful colors, great features, restored to a level you will be proud of and it functions like a new 66 Chevelle!Engine Block: [hidden information] Correct for 66E-10-6-Cast May 10th-66T-0620 EPH-Assembled June 20thED- 325HP Manual Tans H HolleyIntake-F-2-6 Cast June 2, 66Right Head [hidden information] E-28-6 May 29th,66Left Head [hidden information] F-4-6 June 4th.66Trans- [hidden information] Muncie 65-67Rear F-10-6 June 10, 66 3:31 OpenAssembly Plant Atlanta GeorgiaFinished in Original F-F Marina Blue Exterior Color And Ivory Vinyl Interior
Dealer's Information
52 Harding Hwy,
Newfield, NJ, 08344, US
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Item Information

Item ID: 219293
Sale price: $ 69900
Car location: Newfield, New Jersey, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 10.06.2021
Views: 6
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1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Used Other 396 V8L Manual
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