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1966 Dodge Coronet Used Coupe 440 CID V-8L Automatic Two-door Hardtop

$ 15500

Body Type:Coupe
Drive Type:RWD
Number of Cylinders:8
Engine:440 CID V-8
Number of Doors:2 Doors
Exterior Color:White
Sub Model:Coronet 500 Two-door Hardtop
Interior Color:Red
Trim:Two-door Hardtop
Vehicle Title:Clear
Manufacturer Exterior Color:White
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Manufacturer Interior Color:Red
:“Finished in white (code WW1), the car’s paint is in overall excellent order with original trim. The car’s body is straight, the bumpers are in satisfactory order and fit tightly to the body, its engine bay is extremely tidy as is the trunk. A Super Start battery is in place under the hood. Reportedly, no body panel or parts have been replaced.
Inside, this Coronet has received a fresh interior update in the form of reupholstered seats and new carpet. The red front buckets and rear bench are in great shape and contrast nicely with the white exterior. The red headliner, instrument panel and inner door panels are all original. A two-spoke steering wheel greets the driver and the instrument panel has a full array of ancillary gauges but the temperature gauge and odometer are inoperable. The center console, with its silver-lidded storage compartment and matching silver shift lever are high points in Mopar 60s design. A factory AM radio completes the interior.”
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Seller Description

1966 Dodge Coronet 500 Two-door Hardtop
Vehicle Information
WP23G[hidden information]
[hidden information]
Three-speed Automatic
440 CID V-8
1966 Dodge Coronet 500 Two-door Hardtop
•B-body Dodge two-door hardtop•Assembled in Chrysler’s Los Angeles, California factory•Dodge’s best-selling nameplate in 1966•Rebuilt and strong 440 CID V-8 #D440 with mild cam, Edelbrock carb and aluminum intake manifold•Torqueflite three-speed automatic transmission (code T5) and 8 ¾” Sure-Grip rear end (code SG)•White exterior (code WW1) with a red interior (code P4R) with reupholstered seats and new carpet•Genuine period correct Cragar S/S alloy wheels•Original build broadcast sheet and factory aluminum Certicard and underhood holder included
Sharp angles and creases define stylist Elwood Engle’s contributions to Mopar history, making his designs stand out today. You’ll stand out from the crowd, too, if you’re behind the wheel of this ’66 Dodge Coronet 500 with a big surprise under the hood.
Assembled in Chrysler’s Los Angeles, California factory (VIN code 5), on April 29, 1966, the car is finished in white (code WW1), the car’s paint is in overall excellent order with original trim. The car’s body is straight, the bumpers are in satisfactory order and fit tightly to the body, its engine bay is extremely tidy as is the trunk. A Super Start battery is in place under the hood. Reportedly, no body panel or parts have been replaced.
This Coronet rolls on Mastercraft Avenger G/T tires, size 235/70R14 at every corner. Each tire is mounted to a period original Cragar S/S alloy wheel, which are over 30 years old! The wheels are in excellent shape and the tires show a very good order, with more than adequate tread.
Despite the 383 badges on the front fenders and the G in the VIN, a rebuilt 1968 440 CID V-8 lives under the hood now. It has a mild cam, Edelbrock carburetor and an aluminum intake manifold and breathes via dual exhausts. Backing the motor is Chrysler’s well-regarded Torqueflite (code T5) three-speed automatic transmission and a 8 3/4-inch rear end with Sure-Grip (code SG).
Inside, this Coronet has received a fresh interior update in the form of reupholstered seats and new carpet. The red front buckets and rear bench are in great shape and contrast nicely with the white exterior. The red headliner, instrument panel and inner door panels are all original. A two-spoke steering wheel greets the driver and the instrument panel has a full array of ancillary gauges but the temperature gauge and odometer are inoperable. The center console, with its silver-lidded storage compartment and matching silver shift lever are high points in Mopar 60s design. A factory AM radio completes the interior.
In 1966, Dodge was trying to build up a reputation for excitement and power, moving from its traditional place as the car between Plymouth and Chrysler in size and luxury - a relatively small niche. Completely restyled for 1966 and fully under the control of stylist Elwood Engle, styling was clearly related to the Monaco/Polara in back, but the grille treatment was more Chrysler-like. They were completely restyled for 1966 and were one inch shorter compared to 1965 and wider.
The Coronet 500 included bucket seats, deep-pile carpeting, a center console, and a standard V-8 (the 273 was standard, but the 318, 361 and four-barrel 383 were also offered).
Information about 1966 Dodge Coronet for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Coronet Dodge White Two-door Hardtop 440 CID V-8
The automatic had a console shifter; a four-on-the-floor manual was available with the 361 and 383. A huge number of Coronets were sold - more than two for one of any other car sold by Dodge; without Dodge’s Charger, it was almost half.
Documentation include the original factory Certicard and the original broadcast sheet. The Certicard identification card was initiated in 1965. It identified the vehicle VIN number, select option codes and the original owner’s name, address and delivery date for warranty purposes. It was stored in a special black plastic holder in the engine compartment.
Competition to this Coronet in 1966 was lengthy – Buick’s Skylark, Chevrolet’s Chevelle, Ford’s Fairlane, Mercury’s Monterey, Oldsmobile’s Cutlass, Pontiac’s Tempest and Plymouth’s Belvedere.
Mopar fans, fans of mid-60s American cars or anyone who’s looking for a solid cruiser and a vehicle that will turn heads should stop by MotoeXotica Classic Cars today to check out this mid-60s Dodge Coronet.
VIN: WP23G[hidden information]

This car is currently located at our facility in St. Louis, Missouri. Current mileage on the odometer shows 75,061 miles. It is sold as is, where is, on a clean and clear, mileage exempt title. GET OUT AND DRIVE!!!

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Basic Information
Stock Number: [hidden information]
VIN Number: WP23G[hidden information]
Model Year: 0
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1966 Dodge Coronet 500 Two-door Hardtop•B-body Dodge two-door hardtop•Assembled in Chrysler’s Los Angeles, California factory•Dodge’s best-selling nameplate in 1966•Rebuilt and strong 440 CID V-8 #D440 with mild cam, Edelbrock carb and aluminum intake manifold•Torqueflite three-speed automatic transmission (code T5) and 8 ¾” Sure-Grip rear end (code SG)•White exterior (code WW1) with a red interior (code P4R) with reupholstered seats and new carpet•Genuine period correct Cragar S/S alloy wheels•Original build broadcast she

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Item Information

Item ID: 216718
Sale price: $ 15500
Car location: Fenton, Missouri, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 25.05.2021
Views: 3
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1966 Dodge Coronet Used Coupe 440 CID V-8L Automatic Two-door Hardtop
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