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1966 Yamaha YDS3 Used 250L

Sub Model (Optional):CATALINA 250
Exterior Color:Red
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Engine Size (cc):250
Vehicle Title:Clear
:“Excellent unrestored original.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

This is a 1966 YDS-3 or YDS3. It came to our shop from a collector in Alabama and it may be the finest unrestored 53 year old original I have ever come across. It’s a 246cc (commonly referred to as a 250) 2-stroke street motorcycle. This model introduced in 1964 followed the YDS-2 which was also a 246cc 2-stroke. The big news for the new YDS-3 was the addition of “Autolube” which eliminated the need to pre-mix oil and gas in the fuel tank. Also known in the United States as the Catalina 250 the bike was Yamaha’s answer to Honda’s CB72 which also had a model number that made no sense to us Americans but was a 250cc street bike. The Yamaha never sold as well as the Honda of course but was arguably made just as well and was no doubt faster. Fast forward 53 years and the Yamaha is now far more rare than the Honda.
This particular example is completely original down to the original tires. It has not been painted which is hard to believe because it’s so glossy and not faded. There is a scratch on the top of the tank that has been touched up with the wrong shade of white. I believe it could be properly repaired with careful attention. There is some minor pitting of the chrome here and there and some small scratches on the side covers where it appears a child may have been riding in front of an adult with his shoes resting on the top front corner of the side covers. The story is that the original owner took a spill on the bike when it was brand new and thereafter was forbidden by his wife to ride it. He couldn’t ride it but he didn’t sell it either. He kept it in his house until his death. In January of 2016 his son sold the bike to the second owner and the current owner (3rd owner) purchased the bike in February of 2017. The speedometer currently shows 840 miles which is believed to be correct. The bike was properly stored with no fuel in the tank or carbs. When the owner brought the bike to us to sell we cleaned the carbs checked all fluids, added fuel and it fired right up. The carbs were tuned and synced. The bike runs and rides like new. It truly feel like turning the clock back and riding a new one. As mentioned above it is still riding on the original tires which would be fine for an occasional spin around the neighborhood but should probably be replaced if you'd plan on taking it out on the back roads for an extended ride.
There is no title and it has never had one because in 1966 New York state did not title these little bikes. I'm sorry for the confusion caused by the listing above stating that the title is clear but eBay has no provision for "no title" and it doesn't have a salvage or rebuilt title therefore "clear title" had to be chosen. But to be clear, there is no title with this bike. It will come with a notarized bill-of-sale. The final bid price will be the total and there are no additional taxes or fees due to us.
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Item Information

Item ID: 144101
Motorcycle location: Gulfport, Mississippi, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 18.01.2020
Views: 97
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1966 Yamaha YDS3 Used 250L
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