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1967 Dodge Monaco Used Automatic Monaco 500 Convertible 318 V8L Gasoline

Interior Color:Red
Number of Cylinders:8
Trim:Monaco 500
Body Type:Convertible
Engine:318 V8
Vehicle Title:Clear
Drive Type:automatic
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Sub Model:Convertible
Exterior Color:White
:“1967 Dodge Monaco 500 Convertible V8 318 Very Rare Low Production Only made in Canada. None produced in the U.S. Believed to be less than 500 produced.Factory chrome mag wheels, wide whites, ps, pb, automatic trans, all original, 98000 original miles”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Dodge Monaco 500 Convertible V8 318 Very Rare Low Production Only made in
Factory chrome mag wheels,
wide whites, ps, pb, automatic trans
Just in time for Summer
Cruising. A 1967 Dodge Monaco 500
Never seen a Monaco Convertible?
Never seen a Monaco 500
That’s because they were
never produced … The production numbers are Zero… in the U.S.A.
Yet this is a Factory
Monaco 500 convertible however – produced only in Canada.
Information about 1967 Dodge Monaco for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Monaco Dodge White Monaco 500 318 V8

There are no production
numbers available for the Canadian Monaco 500 converts – but we believe there
were less than 500 of these babies
made. So if you want a very low
production , rare car that no one else has
at your local car shows… this is it.
Dodge built the 1st Monaco’s in 1965. They
were all 2dr hard top coupes only…
no convertibles.
Regular Monaco’s were built
from 1965 to 1978… but zero convertibles were made all of those years.
500’s however were only built for 3 years in the US… 1[hidden information]. But once again, they were all hardtop coupes – zero
Dodge did make the lower
model Polara in convertible in these years… but no top-of-the-line Monaco
coverts were made – ever… in the U.S.A
Even the 2dr HT Monaco
500’s are considered rare today as they were low-production.
In 1966, only 10,840 Monaco
were made – all 2dr hardtop coupes
In 1967, only 5,237 Monaco
were made – all 2dr hardtop coupes
(2436 of those were built at the Belvedere Ill plant)
And in 1968, only 4,568
Monaco 500’s were made – also all
2dr hardtop coupes
So of the 3 years Monaco
500’s were built in the USA, there were no
Monaco 500 convertibles made… ever… except
in Canada.
And that is what you are
looking at today.
This is a true actual
factory, stock , 1967 Monaco 500
Convertible… built only in Canada.
I am still trying to
research to find out how many convertibles werebuiltthat
year– but here are a few numbers we do know…
IN THE USA – We do knowthe
number oflower model Polara’s that were produced...
1967 Polara Hardtops and
convertibles combined = 5606 total were produced. (A portion of those were Polara 500's.. and
a smaller number of those were Polara 500 converts.)
1967 Monaco convertibles =
1967 Monaco 500
convertibles = 0
IN CANADA , we do know Dodge
produced Monaco 500’s from 1965 to 1970.
In Canada, we do know that Dodge built Monaco 500 convertibles from 1966-68
(not sure if any converts were made in 1969-70?)
The total number of 1967 Monaco 500's built in Canada
was 2801. We know that most of those were hardtops ,but I cannot
find a stat specific to how many were convertibles.
In Canada, we do know how many
1968 Monaco 500 converts were made though = ONLY 468 !
So we are assuming that in
1967 , the number of Monaco 500 convertibles made was probably around the
same… Hence our claim above that we think there were probably less than 500 of these built.
How many are still around
is a whole other question?…
And how many are still
around in this kind of condition is anyone’s guess?
We also know that in
Canada, the Monaco 500’s came with 2 engine options… V8 318 or
Slant-6. This one has the factory
318 which makes its production number even smaller yet.
So if you want a very rare
piece of Automobile History – here is your chance.
I actually had no idea how
rare the car was when I bought it. I just loved the long sleek lines and low
wide profile. And the tail-lights!!! That was it for me. I had to have it.
I have owned the car for
almost 20 years now, and have never seen another one in that time.
I really have not done much
to it. Just gave her a good tune up and
away we went. I may have done the brakes
at first – but I don’t recall. I remember I had to do a little electrical
wiring under her dash to get her heater/blower working, but that’s about it.
She’s just been my Summer cruiser on weekends.
She was in nice enough
shape to qualify for “collector plates” which restrict you to just driving for
pleasure use – so that’s what I have done.
She runs smooth and quiet,
very faithful – no problems, Just recently had the transmission serviced with
new fluid – and they said all looks good.
The odometer reads 98000 miles and we believe this to be
Keep in mind – she is not
restored – just in really nice original condition. She’s just been a “summer
weekend driver”, and that’s all I wanted.
She needs new paint and 1
small dent repaired (see photo) and some rust bubbles are forming on the back
fenders… but she looks good from 10 feet away and that’s all I need. She sure turns heads.
So if you want a nice drop
top cruiser, ready to go – this is the one.
Or if you are a serious
restoration guy – and want to bring her back to show room condition, what
better option to find a car so rare that it is sure to keep its value due to
the low production , unique “none-in-all the USA” feature.
I don’t know her history
except that she came from the west coast. She was a trade-in at a used car
dealer when I found her. Since then she has been
kept under cover and driven mostly in the warm Summer months in our small
lake-resort town.
The climate is very dry and
“southern California-like” here in the Spring to Fall months. And she has remain garaged
and undercover each winter since.
So some lucky guy is going
to take this old girl home … and I will be the one with the… “I used to own…
story”. I wish I didn’t have to sell her , but my wife says something has to go.
Good luck bidding. Serious
bids only please.
Note - The car is in Kelowna
BC Canada... only about75 milesfrom the US border... about 5
hoursaboveSpokane WA... or 5.5 hours from Seattle.I could drive her to the border to meet you if you need.

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Item ID: 125102
Car location: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
For sale by: owner
Last update: 20.06.2019
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1967 Dodge Monaco Used Automatic Monaco 500 Convertible 318 V8L Gasoline
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