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1967 Honda SS50 Used Black Manual Petrol

Road Tax Remaining:12 Months
Modified Item:No
Vehicle Type:moped
Country/Region of Manufacture:Japan
Independent Vehicle Inspection:Yes
MOT Expiration Date:2022
Start Type:Kick start
Previously Registered Overseas:Yes
Capacity (cc):50cc
Drive Type:Chain
Date of 1st Registration:19670101
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Seller Description

1967 HONDA SS50E
This auction is for the black and silver SS50 in the pictures and the photographs form part of the description. The bike is an historic vehicle so exempt from both road tax and MOT but it is a running usable vehicle so for peace of mind it is being sold with a full 12 months MOT test certificate. This in an imported Japanese bike that has passed all UK entry checks and has authentication from the Honda owners club UK.

All documentation for registration including NOVA is with the bike, the V5 application form has been completed to the point it just needs the owners details adding. The buyer of the bike will need to pay the ВЈ55 registration fee but will become the 1st registered keeper on the logbook. I am familiar with the process and will be happy to assist the buyer to get the V5 in a timely fashion.
The bike has been restored in the past so it has a good used patina, the bright work is starting to show corrosion in places, the frame has scuffs that have been touched up and under the tank there is some paint lifting but no rot, its a good looking bike that can be either used or restored. It has been upgraded to a 100cc top end with a 12v conversion, it starts first kick and rides very well. The additional horsepower is noticeable and it will leave Fizzy riders in the mirror for a change. It can be registered as a 50cc or 100cc the choice is the buyers. This bike really does need to be seen to be appreciated and viewings are welcomed, near Buntingford in Hertfordshire. Faults noted; speedo cable missing, neutral light switch faulty, center stand has 1 bent leg but works and the spring worn so its a bit floppy. The side stand is fine.
My collection is a bit Honda heavy at the moment so I will be listing other bikes soon, please keep an eye on my listings if you are looking for a classic small Honda.

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Item Information

Item ID: 227101
Motorcycle location: Buckland, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Last update: 31.07.2021
Views: 171
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1967 Honda SS50 Used Black Manual Petrol
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