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1968 Ford Mustang California Special

$ 24500

1968 Ford Mustang California Special for Sale
1968 Ford Mustang California Special for Sale1968 Ford Mustang California Special for Sale
Interior Color:Black
Number of Cylinders:8
Trim:California Special
Body Type:Coupe
Vehicle Title:Clear
Options:Leather Seats
Exterior Color:Red
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I have a 1968 California special numbers matching mustang. It has a 289 with cobra bolt on covers and intake to look nice, I have the original stuff I will sell with the car. It's a 3 speed standard transmission bolted up to the original 289! The dash plate is signed by Carroll Shelby and I have paperwork to prove it. The interior is in great shape, it's all black. The car runs and drives great and is super dependable. I have taken it on about 120 mile trip one way and 120 back and it didn’t skip a beat. 
It's a great car! The paint is in good shape, it has blemishes here and there but still good enough to take home a trophy at most shows I took it to. You are welcome to come see it in person if you are willing to come to the Fort Worth area.  I will also send the awards with the car if you’d like just let me know. I will also include the stand for the marti report and some other stuff I used to display at shows. It's a very nice and collectable car! I have receipts for over 6k of work done to the suspension of the car to make it dependable and comfortable on long trips. I no longer have time to take it out and enjoy it at shows so that’s why I’m selling it. It’s time to let someone else enjoy it because I travel too much for work. Always been garage kept in climate controlled and on a battery tender. I have the original looking radio to go with the car the one in there is just for when I go on long drives I also think I have a extra dash panel but ill have to check. It will come with the jack and the case for it as well. I will include all the extra parts and original parts, I have ramps I used to change the oil that will come with it as I am getting away from the classic car hobby all together due to my time restraints.  If you have any questions send me a message. The only issues I have is the drivers window has slipped off the track, it still will roll up about 3/4 of the way and down all the way so I have not tried to fix it because i don't have the time right now. Should be an easy fix and something I never worried about cause it was only driven in nice weather with the windows down. The car could also use a rubber boot where the shifter is, the one on there is cracked. They are super cheap and the one on there has only been on there for two years. I will also include any detailing things I have for it such as sprays and wipes theres not a lot left but ill send it with the car. 
The mileage stated 0 because in Texas this car is considered exempt. I also have the marti report stating this is a true California Special. I also have a file I kept on the car of recipes and anything done to it I will send with it! 
I was asked what "footer" this car is, as in how far away do you stand and not see any paint issues and id call it a 5 - 8 foot car. I can also send additional pictures if you send me an email or a message, eBay just charges you extra the more pics you have up. Thanks! 

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Sale price: $ 24500
Car location: Mansfield, Texas, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 23.05.2018
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1968 Ford Mustang California Special
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