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1968 Harley-Davidson Other

$ 9000

1968 Harley-Davidson Other for Sale
1968 Harley-Davidson Other for Sale1968 Harley-Davidson Other for Sale
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real deal chopper.  guy bought the bike like it is in 1979 and rode it this way its whole life.  he owned this bike and rode it with the VictorsMC in boston, the moved to California (hence the frame tag) for a while and then came back here.  bike is currently registered and titled in nh by the engine number like it should be.  California required frame tags back in the day.  bike had the engine rebuilt top to bottom by a VERY well know bike shop in the boston area 5 or so years ago,   only has around 1200 miles since rebuild.  starts first kick hot or cold, im not a SU carb guy but they do work very well when they are dialed in and this one is definitely setup right.  engine is nice and quiet, runs really smooth and makes good power,  engine is stock displacement with a bolt in cam.  im not sure what clutch is in it, it pulls so easy and works perfect, honestly its got to be the nicest clutch ive ever felt.  shifts perfect and tight, no clunks or anything like that in the transmission, feels like brand new while riding.  has a real deal war bird tail light etc.   frame is a early wishbone with hook top mount, frame is in excellent condition.  the tank mounts are removed, otherwise its really nice and un altered for the most part.  if you want a real deal club bike that you can get on and ride, this is the one.  matching bellies, correct heads, real wishbone frame, this is a bad mofo.  please watch this video to show how nice the bike operates   VIDEO, COPY AND PASTE:
I can ship this bike anywhere on earth,  the cost of shipping is the BUYERS responsibility.  I can HELP arrange transport but it is the buyers responsibility.  I accept all forms of reasonable payment: cash, wire transfer, business check, anything besides paypal because the fees are awful.  funds must be cleared before bike leaves my shop  any questions please feel free to ask     thanks  joe

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Sale price: $ 9000
Motorcycle location: Rollinsford, New Hampshire, United States
Last update: 25.07.2018
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1968 Harley-Davidson Other
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