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1968 Mercedes-benz SL-Class Used convertible

$ 35700

Exterior Color:creme
Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:convertible
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Offered for an appreciating new owneris this classic 1968 Mercedes Benz 250SL Roadster!
Finished in light tan over chocolate brown with tan canvas top and dark grey/brown hardtop, this CALIFORNIA BLACK AND GOLD LICENSE PLATE 4 speed manual transmission W113 roadster shows just over 12,300 miles on it's working five-digit odometer with actual miles at a claimed 112,300 actual miles. Having been owned for the last 30+ years by a now 86 year-old San Francisco executive, It sports a great running inline six cylinder engine mated to the factory 4 speed manual transmission with stopping power provided by four wheel disc brakes. It features a period-correct working Kenwood cassette stereo, color-keyed wheel covers AND......... after sitting in the garage for several years, it just received a major service at a prestigious bay area Benz specialist totaling over $7,000! A few of the highlights of this WARRANTEED SERVICE include: brake master cylinder, discs, calipers and rotors, battery, gas tank, full tune-up, complete fluids flush and more! This 52-year vintage Benz is being sold with clean California title, current registration, two keys and offered here with a low reserve, this is a great find for the Benz enthusiast!
The exterior of this 1968 250SL is in good99.99% RUST-FREE conditionoverall with a nice overall shine to the paint finish with pitting on the chrome bumpers and trim along with various nicks, scratches and other light cosmetic blemishesOverall this is a nice "driver-quality" classic example ideal for local car shows while it appreciates in value!THE INTERIOR
As I hope is articulated in the photos, the interior of this classic Benz is in quite good VERY ORIGINAL CONDITION overall with working speedometer and odometer, lights, blinkers, heater and gauges.There is some light wear inside this car but overall this is still one quite elegant classic German cockpit!THE DRIVING EXPERIENCE
This 1968 Mercedes starts easily and RUNS VERY WELL with good power and willing acceleration, smooth shifting manual transmission, straight secure braking and quite solid rattle-free suspension and steering with nice tracking down the road. Overall this is one very solid and still stately cruiser...especially topless on a warm sunny afternoon!Check out the test drive videos here: and DETAILS AND $$$$
1.This 1968 BENZ is being sold with clear and clean California title and current registration. It is smog-exempt here in California due to the year [pre-1968. It will be sold "AS IS" "WHERE IS" with no written or verbal warranties expressed or implied. Iinvite and very much welcome prospective buyers to come see, feel, drive, inspect in person.
**There will be no post-sale inspections to determine whether you actually want to purchase this car. So,PLEASEbid thoughtfully!**
2.Bidders with less than six recent feedback score......please contact me prior to bidding or bids will be cancelled immediately. This car is also being advertised in other venues and I reserve the right to end auction at any time at my discretion.
3.I will assist with shipping arrangements[buyer pays costs]. Irecommend Chris at Kelly's Auto Transport at [hidden information]|
4.Winning bidder pleasecall [hidden information] and/or email me thru ebaywithin 24 hours of auction close
5.A $500 non-refundable down payment via Paypal w/in2 days of auction close.
6.Balance of purchase due viaCASH in person, bank wire transfer or certified funds within5 days of auction close.PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO PHONE ME, EVAN AT [hidden information] TO SCHEDULE IN-PERSON VIEWINGS AND/OR MECHANICAL INSPECTIONS.
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Item ID: 194204
Sale price: $ 35700
Car location: Redwood City, California, United States
Last update: 21.11.2020
Views: 16
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1968 Mercedes-benz SL-Class Used convertible
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