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1968 Rover 2000 TC Sport Sedan

$ 150

1968 Rover 2000 TC Sport Sedan for Sale
1968 Rover 2000 TC Sport Sedan for Sale1968 Rover 2000 TC Sport Sedan for Sale
Number of Cylinders:4 cyl.
Transmission:4 sp. manual
Model:2000 TC
Body Type:4 door sedan
Drive Type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Sub Model:Sport Sedan
Exterior Color:White
Drive Side:leftt hand drive
Interior Color:Red
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I have three Rover 2000 P6 cars that have been sitting too
long and are ready for restoration. These special cars were
exceptional luxury performance sedans made in England during the 60's. The Police used them for their performance, the well to do drove them for their
style and comfort. I was driving the '68 2000TC (twin carb, blue top) regularly
when I decided to cosmetically restore it to like new condition. It ran very
well at the time. I had completed another which was sold and shipped to Canada. I
removed the seats, rugs, engine and transmission from the car. Everything was
complete, all gauges worked but the interior leather was worn like the paint.
The body is very straight with good glass, all lenses are intact etc. Clean
title, non-op.

The white '65 2000SC (single carb) was also running well when parked because
its water pump began to leak. The engine never overheated. It has a straight
body with no dents or rust other than that on the surface which has formed
since being parked. It has a complete interior, good glass etc. but it also now
needs to be restored. Clean title.

The Green 69 2000TC is complete. Its older owner passed away before giving me
the paper work so I planned on it being a parts car only.  

I got all three cars from their original owners and know
their history. Time passed and other priorities got my attention so I'm looking
for the right person/s to bring these cars back to life. There are three good
engines, four good transmissions, two reasonable interiors and so many extra
parts I couldn't begin to list them.

It will be an act of love and a worthy project that if done right will end up
with at least two fine old British cars. I would like to see that happen and am
open to any reasonable offer that will return them to the road! All of course will need to be towed but roll easily. If interested you can call me at
[hidden information] with any questions.



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Sale price: $ 150
Car location: Cloverdale, California, United States
For sale by: owner
Last update: 9.09.2018
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1968 Rover 2000 TC Sport Sedan
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