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1969 Honda CB Used

$ 2500

Vehicle Title:Salvage
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

Offered is a nice, quite hard to find 1969 CB750 K0. This is not a sand cast but it is a very low vin number bike. The vin is CB750-[hidden information], engine number CB750E-[hidden information]. This is a matching numbers bike and is original. The original paint still has a decent shine, top of the tank is not faded. The tank is dent free and is very clean inside. There is surface rust along the bottom edges. The side panels are a bit faded, the top of the left side panel is broken and has been taped together. It is a nice clean brake and will repair easily and you will never see it once repaired. The right panel has a small crack at the bottom, again, easily repaired. The seat cover is torn and will need to be replaced. The correct redish foam is present but is not in very good condition. The seat pan is solid and has very minimal surface rust. The front fender has much pitting, the rear fender is very good with minimal pitting. The wheels have a good amount of surface rust but can certainly be rechromed if wanted. The lower section of the air box where the filter sits in is missing. The correct painted upper section is in excellent condition and is in place. The bike is straight and appears to never have been wrecked or laid down. The brakes do not work in the front or the rear. The motor is seized and does not kick over. The complete exhaust is long gone. This bike has been sitting in a garage for many years and has not been run since being parked. I do not have a title, a bill of sale will be provided. This is a good, solid, early CB750 that deserves a second chance at life. Great winter project.
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A $100.00 non refundable paypal deposit is required within 24 hrs of auction end. The balance payable with bank check, personal check (bike will be held until it clears), bank transfer or cash upon pick up. Any and all shipping arrangements and fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer. The CB will be picked up at my location.PLEASE NOTE : The engine does not kick over, DOES NOT RUN. NO TITLE.If you do not plan to complete the purchase of this bike, PLEASE PLEASE do not bid. thank you

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Item Information

Item ID: 191588
Sale price: $ 2500
Motorcycle location: Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States
Last update: 9.11.2020
Views: 41
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1969 Honda CB Used
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from Mike on 13 December 2020 Reply
Is the Honda 750 still available?

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