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1969 Lincoln Continental

$ 12500

1969 Lincoln Continental for Sale
1969 Lincoln Continental for Sale1969 Lincoln Continental for Sale
Trim:hot rod,rat rod,custom,lowrider,street rod,resto r
Vehicle Title:Clear
Seller Notes:“1969 lincoln,hot rod,rat rod,custom,lowrider,street rod,resto rod,lead sled,chop”
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1969 Lincoln Continental, Rebuilt 462, rebuilt tranny, dual exhaust, two batteries, Seats redone, shaved door handles, door popper, new coker tires 59 caddy hub caps, everything works, all windows, lights, heat, kick ass sterio with sub in trunk, alarm system,  this is a daily driver runs and drives great, last year for suicide doors not a show car [hidden information] YOUR NOT GOING TO PAY FOR DONT MAKE AN OFFER OR PRESS THE BUY IT NOW BUTTON TIRED OF ALL YOU LOSERS THAT DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sale price: $ 12500
Car location: Port Jefferson Station, New York, United States
Last update: 23.03.2018
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1969 Lincoln Continental
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