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1969 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon Used

$ 7690

Vehicle Title:Clean
:“Pretty good original condition”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1969 Volkswagen VW Vanagon All Original Woodstock Summer Of Love Camper Van ! ! What an Iconic year for the VW Westfalia Camper Van / Vanagon 1969 when it all happened ! Was this van at Woodstock, maybe! A solid survivor with what is believed to be original mileage but no way to verify, just a mention from the previous owner. This Bus is pretty much all original and untampered, with the original Westfalia interior other than the shag carpet I'm guessing. Always starts easily and goes thru the gears etc., although I have not had it out on the highway. Could probably use a tuneup for peak performance. Motor does not smoke. Brakes seem pretty good. Radio does not come on so I don't know much about it. It is AM - FM Cassette with some sony speakers. The windshield is not cracked but does have some fogging around the edges but does not impair vision at all. All other glass is good with a rear window heater. Tires are ok but I would replace them before any highway driving as there is some checking. All doors open and close nicely including the sliding door. It does need one of the external wiper arms as it is broken. Pictures show condition of the body which is overall real straight. There is a panel on the drivers side as shown that had a previous repair and has a few cracks in the bondo repair. The frame is solid with most original undercoating still on it. There is some rust mostly on the outside lower panels/ rockers. They sell patch panels easily available and pretty affordable should you choose to repair and repaint. The Bus really looks pretty nice as is, and drivable with a little attention.
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Motor bay is clean and original. It has a refrigerator untested. It does have a wash basin as pictured. Table folds down and seats pull down for the bed. Needs a few new door handles on a few of the wood storage doors. Seats are solid and comfortable but have a few tears. This is really a nice van that hasn't been abused and mostly original. The floors are real solid all the way through with a few small areas of a little rust just under the mats on the driver and passenger sides. Both sides are about the same as pictured, everything else real solid. I bought this from a fellow in western Nebraska which is a very dry climate. I don't know the history previous to that. Title in my name ready to sign over. Thanks, and Good Luck!

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Item ID: 186330
Sale price: $ 7690
Car location: Longmont, Colombia
Last update: 8.10.2020
Views: 51
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1969 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon Used
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