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1970 351 XY Ford Falcon Ute 5 speed manual

$ 10563

Model:XY Falcon
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Fuel Type:Petrol
Body Type:Ute
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Needs restoring and work”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Im going to say this once as ive had sooooo many issues selling stuff on ebay lately.This is an AUCTION / no offers at all and do not wait to see if the buyer doesnt buy it. Highest bidder wins over my reserve.If you win, you pick up the car and you pay me.Serious buyers / collectors only and you can come inspect my ute.
You are looking at my beloved 1970 XY GT hybrid mockup Falcon. Also know as Black Betty.
Information about Ford XY Falcon for sale on this page. See price and photos of the XY Falcon Ford
I purchased this car in April 2009 and it did need some work but I loved it so much that it was my daily driver for a full year. In that year i purchased many parts and started adding my own personal touches to it, to make it look like GTHO and made it run better and faster.All was going well till i lost my license. Having a car like this as your daily driver is a bad idea ahaha. Everyday i couldn't resist driving this car like its meant to be driven... ballz to the wall ahahaWhen i lost my license i took it off the road to build it even more and get it spray painted eventually. This spray paint is what it was when i purchased it in 09 nothing special lots of imperfections, just someone's home job. It Never ended up happening because i couldn't decide on midnight black or gun metal grey matt finish. Still cant decide ahaha.One of the things that needed to be done was a new radiator. Being anti electric at the time i tried to source an original gt one but i couldn't.After i got my license back i was driving it around to get work done to it or trying to get very specific parts for it so i could directly conpare and fiddle with it and sadly on one of these journeys it overheated. I suspected engine troubles before overheating anyway as i was having a few other random issues. After it over heating various items immidiatly stopped working and wouldn't run at all. It took me a while to figure it all the issues out, one by one got new parts and it ran but i never drove it not knowing all this time the big end is gone from over heating. So for the last 7 years I've been adding parts starting it pulling it to bits again starting it after i had finished working on it.Litteraly as i was pulling it out the garage on Sunday to wash it, take photos and sell it, the engine is done might be seized i havent tried to crank her again. i feel seriously stupid that all this time ive been working on it and i actually needed to rip it out ahahaIn the 7 years i purchased a full second hand engine meant to be in good condition with loads of cool racing parts on it and again was going to build an a stroker weapon but just never got to it.
This is why im selling it i just dont have the time like i used to and its time to see her go to someone dying to build it up like i once wanted to do 10 years ago.It is a factory V8 body which isnt common and took a photo of the plate for you.I do literally love this car and have some fun memories in it and had serious fun working on it too.Since i purchased it i added the following:Electic fuel pumpHolley 450 double pumperNew plug set and distributer partsReplaced so many old bolts / screws with new stainless or high tensile exact replica bolts / screws.GTHO front skirtGTHO driving lights (never wired them up tho as it was purely for the look ahaha but have the wiring set)GTHO badging the one on the front is 100% original cost me an arm and a leg to getSteering wheel and boss kitRacing seats. The seats that came with it are out of a later model falcon and i hated them with a passion and you get those too ahaha i took a photo of what it looked like with the new and old seats in it.Aluminum radiator and electric fanBraided hosesAluminium Washer bottleAluminium Radiator over flow bottleNew clutch stuffNew break stuffNew air cleanerI installed a tool box on the rear checker plate as there is honestly no space in this car.Brand new batteryOther stuff i cant even remember ahahaThe last photo is of what it was when i purchased it.
What it needs:New engine or the one im providing to be tested and put in itPaint job Like i said it was a crappy home job when i purchased it but no real rust just a few surface rust spots coming through on the bonnetBody work on the rear tailgate (providing new tailgate skin and complete second hand tailgate)Body work on left front guard someone damaged it and did a runner.New handbreak cableNew dash padNew hood liningVarious switches or nobbs missing from the dash.A few random things fabricated like a proper mounting set up for the over flow bottle.Sterio doesmt work dont think there are even speakers in the car! Ahaha I loved the sound of this engine and exhaust that much the entire time i drove it only ever listened to Betty rumble.
With the sale of the car you are getting all the parts i have for it and collected for it. Took me a while to catalog them for you but you are getting about $10,000 worth of new or original parts and here they are:Body parts1 x Right front guard1 x Left front gurad1 x complete Right door1 x complete Left door1 x New tail gate skin1 x Spare tail gate1 x Genuine gt metal passenger side mirror1 x Genuine gt metal drivers side mirror1 x GT plastic passenger side mirror
Engine parts1 x Complete 351 cleavland engine photo attached1 x Wiand X-Celerator racing manifold1 x New alternator1 x Second hand alternator1 x New aeroflow billet black water pump pully1 x New aeroflow billet Chrome alternator bracket1 x New aeroflow billet black thermostat cover1 x New aeroflow billet chrome power steering bracket1 x Chrome Ford racing air cleaner cover1 x New Complete engine gasket setSpare Dizzy and coilOriginal radiator (not working)The original fan that was on the engine3 x new oil filters for 351
Interior parts4 x sunvisors (2 x black 2 x cream)2 x Dash facia / surrounds1 x Original GT 140 mile per hour speedo1 x Original GT 6000 rpm taco4 x original Chrome door handles2 x new door handle cups1 x original door handle cup4 x original black arm rests (2 front and 2 rear)2 x Original seats when i bought it i believe EA seats grey and ugly ahaha1 x front passenger door skin3 x rear door skins (they are for a sedan)Various gt badging
Exterior parts1 x Chrome XW grill surround1 x Black XW grill insert1 x Chrome XY grill4 x XY grill inserts1 x wiper arm2 x XW tail light2 x XY tail lights2 x original front springsNew Break pads2 sets of lowering blocks and the different U bolts
Wheels:The 4 steelies on her4 x centerline mags with good tyres as shown in photo5 x 12 slot 14inch chrome mags but the chrome is terrible so i was chemicaly attempting to remove rust and chrome to get re chromed or painted midnight black
ElectricalWirering lume for gt spot lightsGt spot light switch
Work shop manuals
I may have missed some stuff but if i find it you get it.
Im located near Parramatta NSW.
Happy bidding on Black Betty

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Item Information

Item ID: 189063
Sale price: $ 10563
Car location: North Rocks, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 30.10.2020
Views: 112
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1970 351 XY Ford Falcon Ute 5 speed manual
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