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1970 Chevrolet C-10 Used Automatic Standard Cab Pickup 454ci 7.4LL

Exterior Color:Gray
Body Type:Standard Cab Pickup
Engine:454ci 7.4L
Vehicle Title:Clear
Drive Type:RWD
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1970 Chevy C10
Suspension:Ride Tech SuspensionTubular A-arms2.5" drop spindles (Front Disc Brakes)4-link9" Ford 4.11gearsRideTech RidePRO e Controller (Big Red Solenoids)Firestone CoolRide BagsViair 400C Compressors(x2)This lays on the front subframe, leaving the rest of the frame up around an inch. If you wanted to "lay frame" completely, you'd need to install a custom frontsubframe (Porter Built/Choppin Block).
Wheels/Tires:Axis Verde Wheels Gloss Bronze 20x10/20x9Achillies Desert Hawk 315/35 275/406-bolt to 5-bolt spacersI set this up to run a common wheel size to increase the selection. The wheels/tires currently on it would fit directly on a new style Mustang. Normally you see thelow rides built with the wheels tucked way into the fenders. I don't care for that look, but it's harder to get a vehicle to ride low with the correct flush fitment.This will still roll at full low (minus the front end dragging), and steer without rubbing at ride-height.
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Drivetrain:(1985)454ci.30 overRoller CamHoward Cams Roller LiftersScorpion Aluminum 1.75 Roller RockersICON Forged Pistonsmoly ringsshot peened stock rodsARP hardware (mains/rods/heads)Skip White (Pro Comp) Aluminum HeadsStainless Steel Shorty HeadersSFI Flex PlateDual Plane Air Gap Aluminum ManifoldQFT 850 E85 CarbBoyd's Aluminum rear-mount fuel tankdual electric fansrear-mount battery700R4 OD transmission w/lockup converter2200 stall converterFresh Build (engine & trans)
Interior:Autometer Gauges (all work correctly, light correctly with dimmer control)(speedometer calibrated)Air Ride Technologies Controller (w/remote) & seperate remote controller (2 options of air control)05 Ford seat (fold down center arm rest w/cup holders)new carpet/sill plates(4)6.5" Rockford Fosgate Speakers (kick panels front/carpeted boxes rear)sound insulation across floornew door weatherstripping
Paint & Body:Aluminum Diamond Plate bed floor/inner fendersPorter Built Cowl Mount Hydraulic Hood Hingesany rust removed & repairedengine bay: gloss epoxy primerinterior/truck bed: semi-gloss epoxy primerundercoated frameused black filler primer, black epoxy primer, and top coat urethaneHot Rod Flatz Dark Charcoal Metallic
This C10 project is just being wrapped up, so most everything is new or freshly refinished. I got it as a partially finished project that was started years ago, which is why it has an olderstyle Air Ride Technologies controller. The controller could be updated to the newer, more intelligent styles, but this one works. I piggybacked a seperate remote system just because I likehaving the "All" button options when raising or dropping. The only thing I didn't completely straighten was the tailgate. It's original and it fit well, so I didn't want to go pulling and twisting everywhere on it and then throw a bunch of filler in it that would crack someday when slammed. I kept the filler to a thin minimum just to smooth it a little so there wouldn't be an issue using it like a tailgate! The rest of the truck was pretty straight, so there aren't any areas with excessive filler. In fact, I used very little altogether. The engine and transmission were just professionally rebuilt. It could be run on gas with premium fuel (with a carbchange), butit really likes E85! It runs cool, I rarely need to turn on the cooling fans, even in town. There are no leaks. my garage floor stays dry. I did upgrade to a 1pc oil pan gasket (along with a new oil pan) instead of using the standard FelPro. I hateleaks. I've driven ~200miles on this setup to shake out the small issues you get right after a build. It's proving very reliable. It starts, idles, runs great. Transmissionshifts nice and solid. Wiring all complete and professional quality. Everything works as it should. This is complete and ready to driven. I'm sure I'm missingthings, I haven't kept any kind of running list of new parts.
youtube link of idle:
Buyer to arrange all pick-up/shipping. Located in Watertown, SD. My asking price isn't inflated, so all low offers will be ignored. Please have all funds in place before purchasing. I put a lot of efforts and expense into getting a vehicle right before I sell it. There are plenty of small imperfections and old-truck characteristics, but it's a solid driver.

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Item Information

Item ID: 127646
Car location: Watertown, South Dakota, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 4.08.2019
Views: 123
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1970 Chevrolet C-10 Used Automatic Standard Cab Pickup 454ci 7.4LL
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