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1970 Ford E-Series Van Used 240L Manual Gasoline ECONOLINE, E100, SHORTY, PANEL VAN, HOT RODS Van Camper

Number of Cylinders:6
Model:E-Series Van
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:Van Camper
Power Options:Air Conditioning
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Please do not bid unless you are ready to purchase within 3 days of the auction. If you have very low feedback please contact me before bidding.
1970 Ford E100 Econoline panel van. Short wheel base, rebuilt inline 6 cylinder bored 0.60 over, less than 500 miles since rebuild, factory 3 speedmanual column shifter aka "threeon the tree." Van is a total blast from the past, it's got an old school hot rod stance, Slotted Mag wheels, Narrow tires in the front, wide tires in the back. it's all bare panels and carpet on the inside so it's ready for whatever you want. It runs and drives great, Starts right up, Has a lot of horsepower. I would say it drives more like a car because it's so light, compared to a big van or a truck.
Information about 1970 Ford E-Series Van for sale on this page. See price and photos of the E-Series Van Ford ECONOLINE, E100, SHORTY, PANEL VAN, HOT RODS 240
Like I said It's got a lot of power to it, it's very quick driving down the road. It handles well it shifts with no problem. There's no power steering but once you get moving it's not difficult. Cosmetically it's not perfect, there's some dents and things but it is over 40 years old. The paint is pretty nice though and it has new carpet. The body is solid and theres no rust. Mechanically it's really good it just needs a reservoir for the coolant and the lights have an issue. But like I said the engine was rebuilt and it runs and drives great. The transmission is in good condition with no issues. The brakes are good. The wheels and tires are in good condition, all the doors open and close with no issues. on the inside it's really simple you just have your chairs, carpet, panels, shroud for the engine and the dash. It's got a clean California title. Old school california blue plate. Absolutely a classic. If you have questions or If you need more pictures or any videos please contact me. If you need a quote for shipping just give me your zip code and I can get you one.Winner of auction will be the owner of vehicle and must assume all responsibility for payment within 3 days of auction ending

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Item Information

Item ID: 134825
Car location: Moreno Valley, California, United States
Last update: 18.11.2019
Views: 296
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1970 Ford E-Series Van Used 240L Manual Gasoline ECONOLINE, E100, SHORTY, PANEL VAN, HOT RODS Van Camper
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