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1970 Ford Mustang

$ 19600

1970 Ford Mustang for Sale
1970 Ford Mustang for Sale1970 Ford Mustang for Sale
Number of Cylinders:8
Body Type:Fastback
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Exterior Color:Orange
Vehicle Title:Clear
Interior Color:Black
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Here is a great original car that would make candidate for a top end restoration. I am helping selling this car for the owner Joe. Two years  Joe and I bought  a car out of an estate sale in Carson California. The car is was purchased new by the previous owner. The good news it is a California car still wearing it original paint. The original engine was sitting on an engine stand in the garage w bent push rods and a broken piston skirt. The service replacement engine and transmission pulled. The original engine and transmission were rebuilt. Both were stamped 18444. Two digits off the VIN. This happened some times as my car has a vin stamped is three numbers off. The motor was bored .030 over and was rebuilt using “hipo” cam. The original owner was an electrician by trade and modified the car to add air conditioning and dash from a mach-1. We stripped the dash to fire wall and brought it back to stock. It included new wiring harnesses,dash , heater core. Two build sheets were found under carpet as were an extra sets of keys. The original owner also added power steering to car, it was decided to leave the power steering as helps make the car more enjoyable to drive. We found all the correct pulleys for engine and took it back to stock. New power steering hoses, and “Dead nuts on” correct alternator. The original radiator was rebuilt. New hoses and belts and battery were added. The original shaker was long gone, purchased the high quality metal reproduction shaker base and snorkel . The original carburetor was in a box in parts was missing the front and rear bowls. The smog equipment is long gone. The distributor is original boss 302. Next the front suspension, shocks and brakes were redone. Rear end had traction bars, which were removed and correct shock plates , shocks, and brakes were redone. Rear of the car had some damage, so the rear tail panel was replaced. It looked like the car had been backed into a low pole.The car is 99 percent rust free with a little rust right rear quarter panel. The car has had one accident As the radiator support panel has been replaced. The original boss 302 fenders are still in place and date code 9 4 and 9 3.New magnums and tires were added.There was after market radio and speakers in interior quarters.         Here are options that the car came with.1. Grabber Orange2. Tachometer 3. Traction lock 3.91 rear end (speedometer gear reducer is in place)4. AM radio5  Rear spoiler6. Rear slates The buy it now price shows we serious about selling I have tons pictures that I can email. Bruce 310 [hidden information] best to textJoe has Marti Report 

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Sale price: $ 19600
Car location: Manhattan Beach, California, United States
Last update: 22.04.2018
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1970 Ford Mustang
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