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1970 Honda CT Used

Exterior Color:Gold
Vehicle Title:Clear
Sub Model (Optional):Minitrail & CT70
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1970 Honda CT70 in original condition with 591 miles on the odometer. As you can tell this is an exceptional bike in every way for being 50 years old. Basically there have been many hours spent cleaning and polishing with care not to take away from the originality.
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The paint is in good shape along with the chrome. With this said it is a 50 year old bike and will have some very small chips and imperfections that does not take away from the bike in any way. New Honda items include fork bellows, fork seals, fork stabilizers, all seals on the engine, new carburetor, air filter, fuel lines, wheel bearings, wheel seals, brake shoes, seat cover with rope and heat pressed seams, all electrical items work fine and a new drive chain. Wheels and left and right engine covers were bead blasted and painted with cloud silver paint and the bike sits on new tubes and tires. The same was done to all of the black painted parts. The bike runs great and shifts perfect. It is a blast from the past when you take it for a ride. eBay makes you check a box stating that it has a title but like most this age it does not. So to be clear the bike does not have a title.The bike is ready for shows or mechanically ready for the trails. This is the nicest original CT70 I have seen come up for sale in a long time, you will not be disappointed. All shipping arrangements and cost is the responsibility of the winning bidder. This bike is out of my private collection and I would love to keep it but I cannot keep them all. Thank you for your time and happy bidding!

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Item Information

Item ID: 147058
Motorcycle location: Norman, Oklahoma, United States
Last update: 31.01.2020
Views: 76
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1970 Honda CT Used
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