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1970 Yamaha HS1 90 90cc

$ 1245

Seller Description

You are bidding on a 1970 Yamaha HS1 90 new project. This bike was bought out of a old yamaha shop. got it as is and was told it was new never ran. Looks to probably have been a parts bike for another bike at one time as parts are missing. Would need a good deal of parts and work but would make a great start to a bike build. Engine numbers read HS1-[hidden information] and frame numbers read hs1-[hidden information]. NOT a salvage bike, no title, SOLD ON BILL OF SALE ONLY. Comes with what you see pictures. Payment Must Be Made in
Full within 10 days.Paypal payment fordepositonly. You can wire transfer to bank account.Please
Look at all pictures for More Details. Can help arrange shipping to
England or some local Swap Meets, email forinformation.SHIPPING BIKES TO ENGLAND.Shipping can be arranged to
England (email for cost. The container will be sent to Barrow in Furness
but can be possible elsewhere for a fee, ask for more information. Please see
our other auctions for other parts that can be shipped in the container as
well.To see More pictures and details visit our facebook
pageFlashback Enterprise Inc
The parts we sell are off old vintage motorcycles in used condition unless otherwise specified. We describe the parts to the best of our knowledge. We will answer any and all questions to best of our knowledge for each part. These are not NEW parts and show normal wear for their age. Please ask if you need better pictures of an item.
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Item Information

Item ID: 242511
Sale price: $ 1245
Motorcycle location: Imlay City, Michigan, United States
Last update: 23.11.2021
Views: 3
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1970 Yamaha HS1 90 90cc
Current customer rating: 1/5 based on 1 customer reviews

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